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Apply the builder gel - if you are using a bottled builder gel, you can paint it on. If you have a pot of gel, you will need to use your own nail brush to pick up a small amount. Stay away from the cuticle and be sure to cover the free edge We are gel nail supplier corp., providing uv nail gel produced in Germany. For more information please visit us at Intoglam.com1. Place gel near cuticles2. P.. Fix a broken nail, extend your natural nails or give them strength, there is nothing Rossi Easy Peasy Builder Gel can't do! Upgrade your manicure with our ne.. Using a Gel Brush, dip into the builder gel & pick up a small amount on the end of the brush. As the Gel is very goopy you may need to twirl the brush around in your fingers several times, much like twirling spaghetti, so the gel on the end of the brush breaks free from the gel in the container. 4 The UV pen is used to take UV Gel and apply it to the nail surface. The grinder needs to be plugged in to remove UV armor. Step 1: Use the rough surface of the sand bar to cut the nail surface vertically until it is not smooth. Step 2: Use a dust brush to remove nail powder. Step 3: Clean the nail surface with 75° alcohol

Hi everyone! Todays video is on how apply builder gel to my natural nails. I decided to apply builder gel on my nails rather than regular gel because I just. OPEN ME!Let's stay connected!!Instagram: @jasmyndestinehttps://www.instagram.com/jasmyndestine Twitter: https://twitter.com/JasmynDestinePlease LIKE MY FACEB.. https://beautifulblissbynija.com HOW TO DO A SIMPLE GEL OVERLAY For serious inquiries: iamNija2020@gmail.com More Nail videos- https://www.youtube.com/.. Take a bead of your builder gel starting in the middle of the nail floating it towards the edges while working towards the tip of the nail. Cure for 90 seconds. It will half cure the gel which is what you would like to allow the rest to adhere without movement Apply the Builder Gel on fingernail tip and cure*. 6. Apply the Builder Gel on the whole nail and extend it to the desired position and cure*. 7

Confused on how to build your apex with gel or how to get a smooth finish? Don't paint one layer at a time! Let the gel do what it does best by applying it.. Here's a nail tutorial on how to apply IBD Hard Gel on natural nails. IBD has two types of hard gels:1. Clear Hard Gel - LED/UV Builder Gel (the one I'm usi..

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  1. How to use builder gel for nails. 1 Gel manicures can damage your nails. 2 Selecting is a (really) bad concept. 3 Watch out for the poisonous triad in gel manicure solutions. 4 Try to restrict your exposure to the light. 5 Think of gel polish as liquid acrylics. 6 Stay away from water if you want them to last
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  3. Builder gel is difficult to use because it's clear (so it's hard to see if the layer is even) and the product can be messy. You have to be sure to build your apex with either one, but I found polygel far easier to apply. All polygel can be soaked off, but some builder gels can't I ordered from AliExpress but it's not worth the wait. Pay the few.
  4. Apply builder gel to the nail, including the tip and form if you're extending your natural nail, and cure for 60s. 6. Apply a second layer of builder gel and cure for 60s. Repeat this step until you've reached your desired thickness of nail. 7. Wipe the entire nail with a alcohol to remove the tacky layer

You use a base, then a builder gel which you apply fairly thickly to give the nail strength and shape. Then you can use colour gels or gel varnish colours. If you are doing a french manicure, you can put the white in over the base and before the builder to eliminate the smile line ridge Apply a very thin layer of your basecoat to your nails. For gel, you use a much thinner layer than you would with standard nail polish. Be careful when applying your base layer: you don't want to get the gel on your fingers. Let your base layer dry for twice as long as recommended Take your Blueksy Builder Gel and a brush and carefully apply to the form up to your desired length. Cure for 60 seconds. Repeat the process to build on your first layer and cure for a further 60 seconds. Once you're happy with the nail, repeat the process for all other nails

Apply a thin coat of top gloss gel to the eight fingers and finally the remaining thumbs. Use the same curing / seng rules as before - depending on whether you have used LED Soak Off or Hard UV Gel type. Remove the residue and you are ready to go Use the IBD Hard Gel for a sleek-off base coat. You can apply two coats on the nail and cure for around 60 seconds. Step 3: Make a gel bead. Take a bead of the IBD Hard Gel builder and start applying the gel from the middle while it floats towards the edges and the tips of your nail. You should cure for about 90 seconds. It will half-cure the gel The pristine performance of these thick viscosity gels utilizes Gel Suspension Technology (GST) which assures total control and workability for the technician. The results are distinct and great for anyone. Gelish Hard Gel is easy to apply, cures in 5, 20, & 30 seconds, out performs the competition, and is versatile in wear for longer nail. Liquid Builder gel application guide Apply a thin layer of your chosen colour on top of your cured base coat, working from the cuticle area up to the free edge, ensuring the free edg... application proces

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  1. Our medium viscosity Builder in a Bottle™ can be added as a strengthening layer before TGB Gel Polish application, as a natural nail overlay, or to create short to medium length extensions using TGB Forms or TGB Clear Tips
  2. Apply Nail Forms or Tips Step 3. Apply a layer of Base Coat and cure. Step 4. Apply a layer of Builder Gel at the free edge of the nail to build out your length and shape, then cure. Step 5. Apply a layer of Builder Gel over the nail plate, blending into the extension and cure. Step 6. Apply a small amount of Builder Gel to create an apex and cure
  3. Stylish and sturdy, gel nails take quite a bit of work to apply. With the right tools and techniques, you'll be able to create a professional-looking gel manicure. To add length and drama, glue on a set of nail tips before applying the..
  4. Apply builder gel to extend the nails & shape: 1) After nail prep has been completed, apply base coat and cure under UV or LED lamp. 2) Attach nail form and use brush to apply Mylee 5 in 1 Builder Gel over entire nail, extending the tip to create desired shape. Cure for 60 seconds
  5. Shop for Asp Nail Builder Curing Gel from ASP at Sally Beauty. An easy to use gel nail system helps you create a full set of professional looking nails

Final step: apply one layer of top coat and cure it under the UV/LED lamp. Clean and prep your nails. Apply one layer of regular base coat gel and cure for 30 seconds under the UV/LED lamp. Fix the paper nail form to your finger. Apply one thin layer of soak-off builder gel polish Apply forms to your client's nails and fix it in place. Take your Blueksy Builder Gel and a brush and carefully apply to the form up to your client's desired length. Cure for 60 seconds. Repeat the process to build on your first layer and cure for a further 60 seconds. Once you're happy with the nail, repeat the process for all other nails 12. Using a builder clear, master or all round gel. Apply a thin layer of gel on the entire nail (Do not cure) Apply gel in the middle of the nail bed, work toward the cuticle area and spread the gel in the direction of the free edge make sure that the free edge is sealed. Cure for 2 minutes. 13. Remove the sticky residue with cleanser and a.

Liquid Builder gel application guide. Apply a thin layer of your chosen colour on top of your cured base coat, working from the cuticle area up to the free edge, ensuring the free edge is capped. Cure this layer in a 48w lamp for 60 seconds ( as LBG is a thicker product, heat spikes can occur, this is caused by a chemical reaction with the. The Dual Forms allow you to create a structured nail without having to use nail forms, which can be very difficult to apply and they take a lot of skill to create a sculptured tip. In my first attempt I used Gelish Hard Gel clear builder gel. Unlike the the gel polish hard gel is similar to acrylics, but unlike acrylics there is no mixing of. It can perfectly cure all kinds of UV/LED based gel products, no worry for curing hard gel/builder. With smart auto sensor and touch LCD display screen, 4 timers durable and easy to use. Detachable bottom design for curing toes and big space to enhance experience If you are looking for the power gel to apply nail tips with gel overlay than the NYK1 nail builder is a sculpting nail builder that strengthens your nails and protects the growth. This acrylic overlay on natural nails fixes any damaged nails in less than a few minutes. If you have weak nails, this helps with both overlays and tips When I asked if they have any soak off gels (builder gel, not gel polish) they recommended the soak off UV builder base gel, also referred to as builder in a bottle by the manicure company. They told me how it's an easy soak off builder gel, but with an easier application method so I thought I'm gonna give it a try

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  1. 1. Brush your nails with the gel gum base coat. Unscrew the cap on the gum gel base coat. Rub the bristles on the cap's brush against the inside of the bottle to knock off any excess base coat fluid. Carefully apply the base coat to your nails using wide, straight strokes to cover the middle of the nail
  2. ORLY GEL FX builder has a premium solution to gel nail manicure. Even though this product is a bit pricey, its good value for money considering the quality and durability brings to the frontline. Even though this product is a bit pricey, its good value for money considering the quality and durability brings to the frontline
  3. Tutorials on how to apply, sculpt, remove, perform fills and add color to your ORLY Builder In A Bottle Gel Extension
  4. Orly Builder In A Bottle Tutorial. 1. Prep and cleanse the nails for a dry manicure. Remove shine from the nails. Apply GelFX Primer to the entire nail. Apply GelFX Perfect Fit Nail Forms. 2. Apply Builder In A Bottle onto one third of the nail plate, just above the free edge, and flash cure for 10 seconds. 3
  5. 4 Apply a second layer of Builder to create shape and architecture. a. Apply gel down the vertical center of the nail and feather to taper on both sides. b. Use gravity pull by turning the finger over to help further define the apex. c. Flash cure as needed to prevent gel from running and to control the sensation of heat on the nail. 5

Builder Gel - French Manicure - Application Methods Step 1 - Nail Preparation & Builder Gel Layer 1 We are assuming that you have tried or read the first two pages of this help sheet. We have combined step 1 - Nail Preparation and Step 2 - Gel Layer One from the Builder Gel - Application Methods. As the steps are exactly the same. 1 Apply the first layer of your chosen Urban Graffiti Gel Polish thinly. To Avoid flooding cuticles leave a small gap between gel polish colour and cuticle area. Cap the free edge. Cure again, for 30 seconds in an LED lamp or for 2 minutes in UV Lamp. If needed apply a second layer of Urban Graffiti Gel Polish and cure it

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Builder Gel is perfect for gel nail extensions and can be used with nail forms to sculpt medium to long nail extensions. We have plenty of tips for how to apply Builder Gel as well as a tutorial video you can follow if you've not used the product before With nail builder gel you can have long, strong nail extensions without dealing with having to sculpt acrylic powders. Builder gel is a more user-friendly, easier to learn medium than acrylic. When applying builder base on the natural nail you should first apply a layer of regular gel polish base coat, curing as normal before you builder base application. Ensure your builder base application is even. Allow the product to settle and level for about 10 seconds before curing

IBD's gel is a odor and acid free product. Before applying, prepare your nails by spraying them with IBD's nail prep and using a nail wipe to dry and clean nails. Push back cuticles with a cuticle pusher, and file nails in one direction to remove any shine. Wipe again with a nail wipe. Apply IBD's bonder sparingly and cure under a UV nail light Perfect for healthy, strong nails. A base coat with added primer, used for regular gel manicures. Soaks off in less than 10 minutes. Builders Builder In A Bottle™ Builder In A Bottle™, aka BIAB™ or Cover Nude Builder, are a range of versatile soak-off builder gels ideal for sculpting with forms and/or creating extensions using tips. They. Doing the infill with gel. Take your gel. Depending on your gel system you have to apply a base gel first and then a builder gel. I can put my builder gel straight on my natural nail. This time I went with a nude builder gel. Starting at the cuticle area I place my gel carefully on the nail. Then I drag it up to the tip of my nail Apply BUILDER under the Gelly Tip. Next, use the same BUILDER gel and apply it under the Gelly Tip. Make sure to apply this gel only to the area of the tip that will come in contact with your natural nail. To apply the nail extension, simply press the Gelly Tip on the natural nail with your thumb from the cuticle to the free edge firmly, making. How to DIY Gel Nails at Home. Hey friends, happy Friday! Today I'm sharing a short video on how to DIY Gel Nails at home. I share how I apply Orly Builder in a Bottle and full coverage tips with Apres Natural Short Stiletto Tips. Many of you were wondering how I DIY nails at home and have asked for tips for beginners

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What tips are you talking about? are you talking about full cover tips or the ones you glue on to the tip of your fingers when doing extensions? if it's either, yes you can. you have to file the tips to rough up the surface. Then apply the gel pol.. Builder White Limited Edition - White Soak Off Builder Gel* *While Stocks Last The soak off sculpting gel is perfect for nail extensions. The soak off builder gel also increases the nail's flexibility which means the nails are less likely to break & your manicure will last longer. Formula & Curing Only apply it to the natural nail. Use sparingly and don't touch the skin with it. Step 5: Apply Mitty Gel Primer to the nail but not the nail tip. Step 6: Brush on a thin layer of the Mitty Builder Gel and cure. Do not wipe this layer. Step 7: Apply a thicker layer and spread it with the brush side to side This was my first time using builder gel and this was easy to use. There was medium thickness and good fluidity. Self levelled very well. Builder gel is expected to be sticky. Work in small beads first at the tip to apply and drag your brush left to right up and down without lifting. I used a 100/180 file and my Melody Susie nail drill to file A builder gel will have a higher viscosity than regular gel. Our Light Elegance builder gel has a viscosity of roughly 350,000 centipoise. Some builder gels have a viscosity as high as 1,000,000 centipoise. As far as how they're used, a good gel nail technician can use any gel to do most anything

Note: This builder gel is different from regular polygel, which is produced with a new formula, which is designed to get rid of dual forms and slip solution. It is more like builder gel and Its texture is more looser than polygel. We recommend to use paper forms with adjustable sizes fit for all fingers For Professional Nail Technicians. Your own business in a box. Amazing bargain & savings. Be the best of you . 150 Premier Gels in total. Includes NEW Premier Gel colours. 1 x of each Premier Gel colour, Top coats, Base coats and Liquid Builder Gels. Get yours while stocks last

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Full-Size Package: 3*15g Gel Builder in 3 different colors, 48pcs nail molds in 12 sizes, 1*extension gel dual forms pen, 1*7.5ml gel base and topcoat, 15ml slip solution, and 1 File. WARNING: May product an allergic reaction by skin contact. Read directions for use carefully. For professional use only IBD introduces LED/UV Natural Builder Gel. IBD's top selling clear builder gel is now LED and UV curable for faster, beautiful nails. The new formula has the same leveling properties and viscosity as the current IBD builder gels. The cover gels offer opaque color coverage, mask fill lines, and can be applied over tips and natural nails for. Apply pH Bonder and Primer to the exposed natural nail. Apply a thin layer of Soft Gel Builder to the natural nail, sweeping the remaining gel over the existing Gel-X tip. Take a bead of Soft Gel Builder, fill in the tip till the appropriate apex and structure has been made. Cure for 30 seconds in a LED lamp IBD Bonder is non-etching and is gentler on nails than traditional acrylic primers. LED/UV Bonder is a non-acid, low odor based product that creates a bond to adhere gel to the natural nail surface. Chemically matched to all IBS LED/UV builder gels for greater adhesion

builder gel Build-a-nail® with Builder Gel High gloss, soak off builder gel options for a divine finish to natural nails, enhancements and extensions. Home › Collections › builder gel Sort by: QUICK VIEW. Build-a-Nail® - Crystal Clear 15ml. £25.00. QUICK VIEW. Build-a-Nail® - B002 15ml. £25.00. QUICK VIEW. Apply a second slightly thicker layer of Easy Peasy Builder Gel on the nail and cure for 60 seconds. Remove the form and wipe off the sticky layer with lint-free nail pad soaked in alcohol. Shape the extended shape with a 100-180 nail file. Smooth the surface with a 100-180 buffer. Apply Gel Polish Top Coat, Gel Polish color or follow with Glam.

When using Japanese gel, apply your base a little more generously than you would a traditional hard gel or soft gel system. You could self-level it nicely and move on to your color or nail art, or for longer nails also apply a Japanese gel builder like Leafgel's Sculpting Gel or Vetro's Extension Clear 1. Prep the nail for traditional gel application. Apply a form and, using builder gel, apply a thin layer to the nail. Flash cure for 10 to 30 seconds depending on the gel used. 2. Using a sheer white builder gel, sculpt the extension and cure. Then, brush a thin coat of clear builder gel over the entire nail surface and extension but do not cure UV-gel (Builder gel type, no top coat needed if you will be adding nailpolish on top) UV-oven Cleanser (Acetone, don't use nailpolish removers with added oils. Pure acetone is the best) A brush A nailfile Lint-free wipes Nail form stickers. Here are the tools. You don't need the top coat! My wipes are actually pieces of an old bedsheet, they.


Step 5: Apply Gel Top Coat. Before you start to apply the topcoat, remember to cover the color completely. It is important to still avoid your cuticles and the edges. Without the proper application process, the color can matte and even chip off. But as long you apply the full topcoat, the color will be completely protected GELLY TIP - BUILDER. SKU: GE03. $17.99. available for orders over $35 ⓘ. Add to Wishlist. Add to cart. This is your new bestie! Our builder gel formula comes in an iconic bottle and contains soft builder gel that can easily be removed by soaking off for 15-20 minutes. This Kiara Sky Builder Gel is the star of the essentials and its unique. Hi I've been recommended to use builder gels , so after a lot of research I have bought halo . I've used there gel polish before and find the colours gorgeous and last just as good as other brands . I'm a newbie to builder gel so wondering if anyone else uses it and how much to charge ? Thank

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Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection Apply a thin layer of BRISA™ Clear Sculpting Gel over the entire nail to perfect the shape. 2. Fill in low spots by taking a tiny scoop onto your brush. Touch the product to one side of the low spot and lift up to create a thin strand of product. Pull this strand of gel across the nail and touch to the other side. Lift off, and allow the gel.

*This liquid builder gel by Bluesky is used for short nail extensions and uneven nail surfaces. *Bluesky Hard gel is a liquid gel used for building short nail extensions and it comes in a 10ml bottle. For uneven nails use Bluesky hard gel after the base coat and before the colour coat to make the nails look even and the colour coverage uniform Gonna use a little bit of builder gel on this one as well. And you can use builder gel as a base as well. So the viscosity between a builder gel and a sculpting gel is different. So if you have a look at this on camera I'll show you. So you can see that this one is thicker and it's holding its shape. Where as this will run

Plastic-wrap nail art is one of the latest trending techniques for unique gel manicures and involves painting the nail with a polish or thick builder gel, then spreading plastic wrap over it and. Cure 1st Layer. Once you are done applying the first layer on nails, you can now cure them using your nail lamp. 3. Apply your second layer. Just repeat Steps 1 &2! 4. Apply Final Coat. The final coat of polish is the Bluesky Top Coat. Like the coloured polish, you will only need to apply it thinly

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Dark Pink Builder Gel. Enhances the natural color of the nail bed with soft pink tones and can be used to mask imperfections in the natural nail. Cures for 30 seconds in the 18G LED Light. Item #01388 (15 mL. - .5 fl. oz.) Item #01562 (50 mL. - 1.6 fl. oz.) White Builder Gel Don't forget to bookmark how to apply polygel nail extensions using Ctrl + D (PC) or Command + D (macos). If you are using mobile phone, you could also use menu drawer from browser. Whether it's Windows, Mac, iOs or Android, you will be able to download the images using download button. Us Warehouse Yayoge 7colors 30ml Polygel Nail Builder Gel. Press-on nails can expertly take the place of a fresh coat of polish, and they're easier to glue-on than you might think. We asked celebrity nail artist and KISS brand ambassador Gina Edwards.

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Spread the rest of the Builder Gel out towards the form/where the tip of the nail will be. Turn your hand upside down for 20-30 seconds for the gel to self-level. Cure for 60 seconds LED/2 minutes UV to set the gel. Apply a further layer of Builder Gel using the same process and cure once finished Achieve a More Natural Gel Set with The GelBottle's Builder in a Bottle (BIAB™) by Staff. The GelBottle, a female-founded and owned company, has created the perfect collaboration between tough acrylics and flexible gel: Builder in a Bottle aka BIAB Yes, gel nails cost more and take longer to apply, but they are durable and last much longer. Also, a huge bonus of gel nails is that you can add length and essentially create the dream nails that you weren't born with! Hard gel can be used on all nail lengths — they can extend short nails and strengthen long ones

To apply Structure, dip your brush into the pot and pick up just a small round ball of the gel, and apply a thin coat to the nail just as you would a polish. Cure under a UV light for 2 minutes, or 30 seconds with a LED light. Repeat this process with a second thin coat if desired. After your Structure is cured, proceed with the regular Gelish. Brush clear builder gel wherever you want to put the glitter or crystals. Think of the builder gel as glue, so apply it anywhere on the nail where you'd like the shimmer to stick. Gel can be a little gloopy to work with, but don't feel like you have to rush—it won't dry quickly on its own

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Make social videos in an instant: use custom templates to tell the right story for your business. Live Streaming. Broadcast your events with reliable, high-quality live streaming. Screen Recorder. Record and instantly share video messages from your browser. Enterprise. Get your team aligned with all the tools you need on one secure, reliable. Now that the gel-dip-acrylic is off, the key is to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Prolonged use of gel manis and acrylics dehydrates your nails, making them dry, brittle, and fragile. Apply your regular polish as you normally would. Polish your nails with regular nail polish in the color of your choice. To help the polish adhere better, buff and clean your nails first. You can also prep your nails with a regular (non-gel) base coat if you wish. For a more intense or opaque color, add multiple layers of polish Step 1. File 80% of ORLY Builder In A Bottle using a high-grit file, our ORLY GelFX Topcoat is acetone resistant, so soaking alone won't penetrate the nail. Step 2. File or clip off the free edge. Step 3. Soak an ORLY GelFX Foil Remover Wrap with ORLY Genius Remover and wrap the nails, wait approx. 15 minutes. Step 4

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Acrylic sets faster but has a strong chemical smell. Some people can get headaches if it's done on a room without proper extraction system. Gel nails (and I'm assuming you mean hard gels for extensions) have to be set with a special uv lamp and yo.. Light Elegance - Professional UV and LED Gel Nail Products, Acrylic Nail Systems, Gel Polish, Glitter Gel Polish, Professional Nail Supply, Nail Art & More Size of the bottle: 15ml | 0.5 oz. HOW TO USE. How to apply builders for strengthening your nails: Apply base coat and cure it under the UV/LED lamp. Apply a thin layer of builder gel and cure it under the UV/LED lamp. You can apply a soak off gel color of your choice and cure it under the UV/LED lamp Gel: The thinnest of the three nail enhancements. Gel polish on natural nails can bend the nails, causing breakage, Aaron warns. Acrylic: Many people choose an acrylic manicure if they're looking for longer nails. Plus, they are thick and sturdy with less breakage to the natural nail, explains Aaron. To apply, an acrylic powder called. Gel nail polish or Shellac has fast become the most widely used gel nail product in the industry. The Manicure Company professional gel nail polish collection consists of over 150 stunning, richly pigmented, smooth and opaque colours. Each shades formulation is designed to apply with ease, self-level, cure under both UV and LED light and last.

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Builder Light Beige. $19.95. ADD TO BAG. Notify me when back in stock. DETAILS. HOW TO USE. INGREDIENTS. The soak off sculpting gel polish is perfect for nail extensions. The soak off builder gel also increases the nail's flexibility which means that nails are less likely to break 1 x Strong Builder Gel *How to use UV Gel Builder gel? 1. File the nail surface lightly. 2. Apply a very thin layer of Bonder or Natural Nail Primer if needed. 3. Apply Builder Gel and cure for 3 minutes. Apply additional coats if desired. 4. Place the nails under the UV light for a full 3 minutes to completely cure the gel. 5

MSHARE 60ml Polygel Nails Acrylgel Poly Acryl NailHow I apply Gel on my natural nails - YouTubedancingnail poly gel nail extension builder 30ml at BanggoodNTNA WEEK 5- ENTITY - Nail Art Gallery Step-by-StepBetty Nails: Purple Professional Gel Polish Swatches