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On May 26, 1963, Francis was involved in a serious car accident while driving alone from a theater on Long Island to the Manhattan studio where she was expected for a live telecast of What's My Line?. Her father was an Armenian immigrant, later painter and portrait photographer; her mother was the daughter of actor Alfred Davis.Even at an early age, Arlene said Arlene Francis, Stage, Film and TV Actress, Is Dead at 93. Arlene Francis, the buoyant, likable actress who worked in the theatre, in movies and on television and radio, and was a staple of the popular TV game show What's My Line? for a quarter century, died on May 31 at a hospital in San Francisco. She was 93

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Why Did Arlene Francis Wear An Eyepatch? She could take her husband or Bennett or John Daly in a fight so it must be Dorothy Kilgallen right? by Anonymous: reply 2: 06/12/2017: She was in her pirate phase. by Anonymous: reply 1: 05/24/2017: She killed someone like Laura Bush and Caitlyn Jenner and a host of others. by Anonymous: reply 2 Arlene Francis was a bit of an accident magnet. Some WML episodes show her wearing an eye patch after an accident. She also had a sling hidden by a stole in a few other WML episodes. Posted by: Steve on 2009-03-08 . That settlement was generous of her. I'm certain she didn't own the apartment building who owns the defective window Arlene Francis (born Arline Francis Kazanjian; October 20, 1907 - May 31, 2001) was an American actress, radio and television talk show host, and game show panelist. She is known for her long-running role as a panelist on the television game show What's My Line?, on which she regularly appeared for 25 years, from 1950 to 1975, on both the network and syndicated versions of the show Arlene seemed to be around forever in the public eye and never aged, then apparently disappeared into private life and years later finally died well into her nineties. I seem to recall reading in the early to mid '80s that she had Alzheimers, which would mean she was out of the public eye for the last 15-20 years of her life

This is the introduction of the What's My Line panelists for June 26, 1960. It was the night after a freak accident, originating from Arlene Francis' Manhattan home, in which an unfortunate passerby was killed. Arlene lived in an eighth-floor apartment at the Ritz Tower at the corner of Park Avenue and 57th Street. Eight-pound weightlifting dumbbells were used to prop open a screen window of. July 6, 1988. NEW YORK (AP) _ A diamond heart-shaped pendant and necklace that Arlene Francis has worn for more than 40 years was snatched from her neck by a thief as she walked down a midtown Manhattan avenue. The heart, a gift from her late husband Martin Gabel on their first anniversary, is ″very valuable,″ the 79-year-old radio and. Tony Award-winning actor Martin Gabel, who starred on stages from Broadway to Hollywood, died in a hospital emergency room near the Park Avenue apartment he shared with his wife, Arlene Francis

Game show panelist ARLENE FRANCIS has killed Two! Sounds to me like she'd be in jail if it were'nt for those settlements. Whether the dunbells incident was intentional or not ia debatable there even though it was an accident according to Francis. The 1963 incident may have been a case of vehicular homicide except that the roads were slick that. Actor and game show panelist Arlene Francis took the blame for one of the stranger accidental deaths on record, when an exercise dumbbell fell from her eighth-story Manhattan apartment and killed a man who had just emerged from the popular Le Pavillion restaurant.. TV personality Arlene Francis died 10 years ago today at the grand old age of 93. It's hardly fair to remember her for a. arlene francis eye problem She wore the eye-patch on more than one occasion with that being the excuse given.I know this is a visual age we live in, but if anyone can feature LISTENING to 90 minutes of a radio show, you can get another window into the glamorous showbiz past of the early 1950s

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  2. Arlene Francis, the witty actress and popular television personality, was born Arlene Francis Kazanjian on Oct. 20, 1907, in Boston. Her father was an Armenian immigrant, later painter and portrait photographer; her mother was the daughter of actor Alfred Davis.Even at an early age, Arlene said, I started out with one goal: I wanted to be a serious actress
  3. LAKE SUCCESS, L.I., May 26--Arlene Francis, the actress, was injured in a collision in which a woman was killed and four other persons were hurt today on the Northern State Parkway
  4. Directed by Franklin Heller. With Faye Emerson, Bennett Cerf, Arlene Francis, Hal Block

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  1. Watch The Arlene Francis Show - Season 1, Episode 72 - November 19, 1957: Hostess Arlene Francis welcomes guest Professor Raymond Schindler, the famed private eye
  2. Ms. Francis was born Arlene Francis Kazanjian on Oct. 20, 1907, in Boston, the daughter of an Armenian immigrant. She married the actor Martin Gabel, who died in 1986. She is survived by their son.
  3. During the 17 year run of What's My Line? on CBS from 1950 to 1967, the audience lived through the sad passings of panelists Fred Allen in 1956 and Dorothy..
  4. g her parents' opposition, she studied at the Theatre Guild.
  5. Ms. Francis was born Arlene Francis Kazanjian on Oct. 20, 1907, in Boston, the daughter of an Armenian immigrant. After a first marriage ended in divorce, she married the actor Martin Gabel, who.

One might dismiss Arlene Francis as a 'mere personality' but oh, what a personality. A personality backed by insightful intelligence, grit and a work ethic that many circa 2011 might find amazing. Arlene Francis: A Memoir opens the gate to the very heart and soul of a woman who was truly a delight The Sky is Falling - Podcast #59. And now for today's story titled The Sky is Falling, which begins with a businessman named Alvin Rodecker. He was the head of Aaron DeRoy Management, a company founded by Arthur D. Rodecker in 1927. Why a family with the name of Rodecker would owe a company called Aaron DeRoy is beyond me, but that is. California Day. This thread will feature photos of actors (which includes women and children, if any such fit the criteria) wearing eyepatches in film or television. Actors will, for the purpose of this thread, be defined as anyone who has at least ONE acting credit listed at IMDB. If an actor is seen wearing a eyepatch in his or her personal. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Arlene Francis, the witty actress and popular television personality, was born Arlene Francis Kazanjian on Oct. 20, 1907, in Boston. Her father was an Armenian immigrant, later painter and portrait photographer; her mother was the daughter of actor Alfred Davis. Even at an early age, Arlene said, I started out with one goal: I wanted to be a.

Arlene Francis Regular Panelist (1950-1967) Dorothy Kilgallen Regular Panelist (1950-1965) Hal Block Regular Panelist (1950-1953) See All Cast & Crew. Cast & Crew: RECURRING AND. Arlene Francis was born on October 20, 1907 and died on May 31, 2001. Arlene Francis would have been 93 years old at the time of death or 107 years old today Conversely, Arlene Francis made five appearances as a guest (October 19, 1960, May 21, 1962, October 5, 1964, June 21, 1965 and June 6, 1966) and John Daly made a couple of appearances (February 21, 1966 and February 6, 1967) where he had the panelists guess historical events from newspapers quotes and headlines Millones de productos. Envío gratis con Amazon Prime. Compara precios

He married Leah Davis, and on Oct. 20, 1907, Leah gave birth to Arline Francis Kazanjian, who we would later cherish as Arlene Francis. Arlene grew up mostly in New York City, where so much of her career would be based. Like Kilgallen, Francis was a vivacious, confident college student who wasted no time pursuing her career goals.. This was not the first time Arlene Francis had been sued in a wrongful death suit. On June 23, 1960, shortly after 2 PM, Detroit native Alvin Rodecker was struck on the head and killed by an eight pound dumbbell that fell from Arlene and husband Martin Gabel's 8th floor apartment in the Ritz Towers Hotel on 57th Street in Manhattan

The greatest among McTear's eye-popping athletic stats might still be the 14.4 yards he averaged (1,380 yards on 90 rushes) as a high school junior. Arlene Francis paid McTear's $2,500. Cabbage Patch creator Xavier Roberts copyrighted his design in 1976 and sold the rights to company Giant Coleco in 1982. Dolls that were made prior to the Coleco handover are worth the most. When speaking about the first Cabbage Patch Doll, many refer to the very first dolls produced by Xavier Robert's which he originally titled 'Little. Born March 17, 1932 in Ft. Fairfield, Maine, Dick Curless was easily identified by the patch that he wore over his right eye. He hosted a radio show in Ware, Massachusetts in 1948, touring with a local band, the Trail Blazers. He was drafted in the US Army in 1951, serving in the Korean War 1952-54 Susan Barmore of Frowning Francis Folk Art has designed the perfect cloth doll door art for the season! The Head Witch is a 20 fabric hanging cloth doll made from painted muslin with burlap shawl. Detailed instructions making, sculpting and painting the head and face as well as directions for the shawl, hat and embellishments.(bat and skull.

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  1. Steve Patch Johnson (Stephen Nichols), Days of our Lives. Reason for Eye Patch: He lost his eye in a knife fight when he and and best friend Bo Brady were competing for the same woman. Though he.
  2. Arlene Francis: A Memoir by Francis, Arlene published by Simon & Schuster Hardcover. o Joyce: there was James Joyce sitting with a bandage around his head, a patch over his eye, his arm in a sling, and his foot all bound up and stretched out on a chair. He looked like one of those characters in 'The Spirit of '76'
  3. Arlene Francis Catalog Record Only 47 photographic prints (contact sheets). | Photographs show television personality Arlene Francis hosting and appearing on television shows, shopping for clothes and at home with husband and son. Includes Francis and Army soldiers on set of U.S. Army Talent Patrol; with director on set of Home; appearing.
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  1. Pleasanton - Arlene Marie Novacek (née Czarny), beloved wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, passed away on Jan 19, 2021 at the age of 83. Born in the Chicago suburb of Summit, Illinois on Dec 14, 1937, Arlene was raised in the family neighborhood in houses built by her grandfather
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