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Kostenlose Lieferung möglic Chalk vom Experten. Sofort ab Lager lieferbar - kaufen http://www.thriftdiving.com - Most paint sprayers require you to thin your paint before using it in a paint sprayer. In this video, I show you how I thinned. Hi, I love painting so when I heard about chalk painti couldn't wait to use it. I went on a pant course and learnt All about it.so off I go first project, shook the paint for 45 seconds, then stirred it applied the paint, and had lumps which I assumed was the chalk coming out of the paint. Please help anyone who can tell me where I am going wron The only thing you need to thin this paint is a few drops of water

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  1. Fill the container with super hot water and then place the container in it but make sure that the water level stays at least an inch below the top of the can. Next, pour some paint into the Wagner container - it is important to thin your paint with very, very warm water or use paint extender will also work
  2. Easily Thin or Thicken Chalk Paint Slowly stir the paint while adding the water. Unlike latex paint, which develops a skin when the paint can lid is left open, chalk paint has no such properties. This means that you can thicken it simply by leaving the lid open, then stirring. Secondly, can chalk paint be applied with a roller
  3. 6. Seal the Paint to Finish. To give the chalk paint smooth finish, you may want to add a sealer to the surface. After the sanding, you will have an already smooth-enough surface. But because the paint is smoothed out with water, it won't be as durable anymore. So sealing it with wax, oils, glaze, or polymers is your best option
  4. Just add water. Either scoop a little paint into a container and stir in some water. Or you can keep a spray bottle of water with you and squirt your paint as you are painting to thin it out as you go. It will make your finish smoother too
  5. Chalk paint is water-based, rendering it easy to thin and thicken. Thin the chalk paint with small amounts of cool water. Slowly stir the paint while adding the water. Unlike latex paint, which develops a skin when the paint can lid is left open, chalk paint has no such properties
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Easily Thin or Thicken Chalk Paint Chalk paint is water-based, rendering it easy to thin and thicken. Thin the chalk paint with small amounts of cool water. Slowly stir the paint while adding the water. Do you have to seal chalk paint with wax 7 Tips for Chalk Painting. Buy a good chalk paint brand. We use Dixie belle paint company. This will give you better results for less time and more coverage. Use a good chalk paint brush. Start with a damp brush for smooth coverage. Apply chalk paint in up and down motions. Let first layer dry before applying last layer of paint Tip 1 - The finish can be smooth if you don't want a distressed look. Most people think that chalk paint is only used for a distressed or antique look. That's not true. I wasn't trying to give this piece of furniture a distressed look, but chalk paint doesn't have to look rough. You can achieve a smooth finish depending on how the. If your paint is too thick, you can thin it with water Annie Sloan chalk paint is a thicker paint and is made to show brush strokes. If you prefer to thin your paint a bit before using it (like I do), just add a little water. Simply so, how do you thin paint with a sprayer? Here's what you do Chalk paint is a thicker paint and the specification of this paint is to show brush strokes. But you can easily make it thin by adding water before using it. To get minimalist, vintage looks of your furniture, you can use chalk paint

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  1. This is why my clear wax coat turned brown as it dried it pulled up the original dark brown color on the 1930's table I was painting, even though I had applied 3-4 coats of the chalk paint and the chalk paint color looked fine before doing the wax
  2. Step by step guide to the two-colour distressed paint effect. Apply your base colour using a Chalk Paint® Brush, moving the brush in every direction to create texture. You want this coat to be quite thick and our brushes hold lots of paint to help with that. Once your base colour is dry, use a clean Chalk Paint® Brush to apply the second.
  3. Chalk Paint DIY. Once the putty is sanded down smooth, putting a primer down will really help. When you are sanding down to raw wood, Boss by Dixie Belle will give you a really even paint finish. On this piece we didn't have to prime the whole thing
  4. To use chalk paint with a roller: Pour the chalk paint into a paint pan, Scrape off the excess paint on the grid of the pan. Roll a thin layer of paint in a long, unidirectional stroke, then.
  5. Give your piece a quick clean with a damp cloth (avoid any harsh chemicals). Stir your chosen Chalk Paint® colour. You can use a stir stick or anything else you have to hand. Dip your brush in, and apply the paint straight onto the furniture
  6. e the amount of chalk residue. If little or no chalk remains and the old paint is in good condition, no pri

A paint thinning product for latex paint can also be purchased at a hardware store if you are unable to achieve your desired results using water. 3. Begin work on your painting project. Depending on your project's needs, chose either a paint sprayer, brush, or roller to apply the paint to your intended surface. Use Chalk Paint Once you have made your chalk paint using one of the recipes described above, you are ready to apply your paint to your surface. Here are a few tips to help you achieve the look you want using your chalk paint: Apply thin coats of paint to minimize drying time. Lightly sand (with 100-grit sandpaper) the surface to achieve distressed edges. Wait.

This video is all about how to use a Wagner Double Duty Paint Sprayer to paint furniture. Including how to thin chalk paint, how to protect against overspray.. Because chalk paint is thick and fast-drying, it's hard to brush other colors into it. Again, just a little dip into the water will go a long way with the chalk paint. After you give the top a second coat of watered down French Linen, while it's still wet, it's time to put some white streaks onto the gray chalk paint Begin by whisking baking soda and cold water together with a whisk, beating evenly until all baking soda has dissolved and there are no lumps anywhere in the material. If the baking soda is refusing to blend, add a few drops more of water. You should end up with a thick, wet mass of baking soda

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Prepare the surface by cleaning it and sanding if necessary. Reference your chalky style paint to make sure it can be used in a paint sprayer. Thin the paint with water so it will flow well in the paint sprayer. Each sprayer will come with its own directions on how to do this Thin the Chalk Spray Paint Only a few sprayers in the market can effectively handle chalk paint. Most of the models will need you to thin the paint before you can use it with your spray gun. Note that chalk spray paint is water-based which means that all you need for the thinning process is clean water Pour your chalk paint into the paint sprayer. And make note of how much paint is in your measuring cup. You'll want to add 10-20% of water to the chalk paint. With this Country Chic Paint, I ended up adding 20% water to the chalk paint

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  1. d- we build the coverage up gently. Each application is super fast and again- is applied thin. 8
  2. Apply the paint. Many chalk painters use a round, natural bristle brush to apply the chalk paint in a more haphazard way to create texture and I do enjoy this technique and frankly, chalk paint is perfect for those aged finishes. However, for a smooth finish, I apply my paint using a synthetic, short handled brush with slanted bristles
  3. Start by applying 2-4 coats of Chalk Paint to your furniture or home decor. Be sure to let each coat dry completely before applying the next. Use a high quality nylon brush to get a smooth finish and reduce brush strokes. You want a thick even coat of color across the whole surface
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Since the paint is water-resistant you can apply it to your outdoor garden furniture and then seal it with Annie Sloan's chalk paint lacquer. Chalk Paint® Lacquer is a water-based polyacrylic varnish that can be applied directly over chalk paint for a hard-wearing protected finish These 7 no fail chalk painting tips for beginners prove that anyone can learn to paint and are guaranteed to get you hooked on the latest craze and fun way to paint furniture and home decor accessories!. True confession here. If you aren't familiar with my blog you may not know one simple truth: I'm not a painter Paint or stain the base color of your choice. Allow to dry completely unless you want some of it mixing into your wash and dulling the results. Stain may still mix a bit into chalk paint, but you will get an antiqued look. Start by mixing 1 part water to 6 parts of white paint. Tip: For more contrast such as pictured above, use less water Chalk paint appears to apply with visible brush strokes, but it dries pretty smoothly. Several thin coats are better than one thick coat. Latex paint is more susceptible to brush strokes, depending on the quality of the paint. Higher-end paints dry smoother. You also have to properly prepare the surface by stripping and/or sanding the old.

How to thin Acrylic Paint. Acrylic paints can be thinned by adding water, a pouring medium, or using an acrylic binder. To get the correct consistency, you need to take a few things into account. Let us have a look at what acrylic paint is before we move on to discussing the different ways of how to thin out acrylic paint Cause: Using the Wrong Paint Brush. I've been given a wax brush to use with chalk paint and that causes brush strokes. How to Fix It: Your paint brush needs to have soft, flexible bristles. I prefer brushes with thin bristles to avoid brush strokes

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I just want to clarify that chalk paint is NOT chalkboard paint. It has a matte finish. The paint is thicker typically and is perfect for antique pieces! Chalk paint was made trendy by Annie Sloan, which provides a beautiful, matte look. The term chalk paint is actually copyrighted by Annie Sloan Apply the paint. Annie Sloan uses her round brush to apply the paint in a more haphazard way to create texture and I do enjoy this technique and frankly, her chalk paint is perfect for those aged finishes. However for a smooth finish, I apply my paint using a Wooster short handled brush with slanted bristles How To Thin Epoxy Resin With a Solvent. Opting for a chemical or solvent when thinning epoxy does work, but it can change your substance. Using alcohol or acetone-based products will make the resin liquid but it will also change its natural benefits and longevity Chalk paint typically dries pretty quickly but using the fine mist spray bottle with water helps keep the paint moving. You'll get to a point when blending chalk paint and think to yourself, oh, this looks amazing, and then you will go too far. STOP! Walk away if you're not sure and let it dry. You will be pleasantly surprised that.

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That is what is SO great about chalk paint! You can use it many different types of finishes. No prepping, no sanding or priming. The paint is very, very flat by itself. And it's also very thick paint so I did add a little water to the paint to thin it Take these steps when putting chalk paint in a sprayer. Mix paint well with a stir stick. Filter paint through mesh filter and into the paint sprayer container. Thin chalk paint. Test sprayer before painting the dresser. How to Thin Chalk Paint for a Sprayer. With the Wagner Double Duty Paint Sprayer, it's super easy to thin paint Because you are adding water, your chalk paint may bead up on an existing finish. If it does, cut water back slightly, or scuff the surface. For her box, Kacey used Benjamin Moore FLAT paint in Mink. I chose to use a little of the same brown as well as a gray paint I had on hand to achieve a more weathered looking stain Center the Damask mylar stencil on the side of the chalk painted desk. Affix the stencil to the desk with painter's tape. Stir the Dixie mud to ensure a smooth consistency. Using the silicone spatula tool, dip into the mud and spread it evenly over the stencil. Scrape the excess back into the jar

Next, pour some paint into the Wagner container - it is important to thin your paint with very, very warm water or use paint extender will also work. AGAIN- you should use very - very warm water for both the bath and thinning your paint! Additional IMPORTANT Sprayer Information for Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan So, whereas with latex paint, once 10 seconds have passed and it has started to dry, you can't go back over it without the skid marks, the Chalk Paint® had more give to itso I had more leeway in going back over a wet section to thin out the paint a bit Chalkboard paint is a type of paint that is used to create surfaces that you can write on. It differs from chalk paint, which is a paint type that gives a matte, antique look to furniture. Chalkboard paint offers a fun accent for your home décor with hard-pigment paint that has a finish that looks like a chalkboard when it dries

To remove the chalk paint from wood, it is possible to use steel shavings, a metallic kitchen sponge, or a steel brush with very fine bristles. It is also the perfect method for chalk paint in very poor condition, and surfaces with thick or thin layers of paint. Paint strippers or strippers are very aggressive chemicals Step Two: Add Water (Or the Correct Thinning Agent for Your Paint) Next, you'll want to add a small amount of water (if using water-based paint!) and whisk the paint and water to combine. *NOTE: If you are using oil-based paint, use paint thinner to thin the paint. Keep doing this until you think it's the right consistency But the whole point of chalk painting pieces is the fact that no sanding is required. I personally like the more rustic finish of chalk paint with the brush strokes in the finish. Take your time and apply a thin coat of paint in long, even strokes. You will get the best results if you apply two thin coats of paint rather than glopping on one.

Water is your best friend with Chalk Paint™. It will thin the paint and make it easier to use. This is especially important on a second coat, as you'll find the paint sticks very well to the first coat, and can be hard to spread around. Some people (including Annie) like to pour water directly into the can. I prefer to have a little water. Step 4 - Apply a second coat of Chalk Paint. Once the first coat is dry to the touch, you can apply a second coat of paint. Usually 2 coats of Chalk Paint will be sufficient especially when you are wanting a distressed appearance to your project. Note: If you don't want a distressed appearance, 3 coats may be necessary Working in sections, brush a thin coat of paint onto your fabric. Allow paint to dry for approximately 20 minutes or so. SAND! Vacuum the sanding dust off the chair. Paint a thin second coat and allow it to dry for another 20 minutes or so. Sand and vacuum dust up again

Chalkboard paint 2 hours after applying primer. After priming bare wood, sand lightly to smooth out the surface. APPLICATION Stir thoroughly. Thinning is not required. In hot, dry conditions, however, you may thin up to 2-oz. water per 1/4-3/8 nap roller or a foam roller designed to give a even strokes to ensure an even flow and the smoothes Yes, you can put polyurethane over chalk paint. However, for the best results, ensure that you use a water based formula such as Minwax; otherwise, you will have your surface starting to yellow a little sooner. If you are thinking of applying a poly product on such a surface, it would be great if you apply thin coats and allow it time to dry as. Using a round waxing brush, apply a very thin coat of wax. Annie Sloan Wax and Staples 211 Clear Wax found {here} are both great waxes that work beautifully and are true clear waxes (they don't yellow/discolor the paint). You definitely don't want to apply too thick of a layer of wax (waxing lightly is key!) so only put a small amount at a time on your brush because a little bit goes a. Apply one thin coat, and don't go over the poly that has already been applied, or you will lift your paint. Allow the first coat of poly to fully dry (at LEAST two hours.) Before applying a second coat, sand the first coat with 400 grit sandpaper. I applied three coats of poly, sanding in between each coat, for a nice, durable, smooth finish

Regarding the comment on sray chalk paint, I tried the Krylon chalk paint in a spray can. It is very expensive to use as it does not give good coverage. I did a large chest of drawers, and ultimately it looked great but it took 8 cans! it is better for small things like picture frames, baskets etc. I did a few of those and it was good Kids Chalk Paint Quick Tips. Homemade chalk paint is easy to make and use, but here are a few tips to make sure your kids have the best experience. Make DIY chalk paint the day you plan on painting. Homemade chalk paint doesn't store well, but luckily, it's quick and easy to whip up when you need it. Stir continuously This paint creates a high-quality finish because you're using actual chalk to alter the paint. If you want to learn how to make the best homemade chalk paint, follow the instructions below. However, before you paint a family heirloom with chalk paint, make sure you check out this opinion piece on painting antique furniture Getting Started with Chalk Paint. The actual process of chalk painting is a lot easier than it might seem. Step 1: Wipe down and dust the furniture piece. The great thing about chalk paint is that you do not need to sand your project piece before you paint! The chalk paint is so forgiving that it covers up any imperfections

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I bought Annie Sloan chalk paint in the color Duck Egg Blue and knew it would look fabulous. To start I washed it with just water and dried it good with a rag. Then I used blue painters tape and taped the top so no paint would get on it as well as the start of the cord Paint your mirror by swiping the brush across the top to give it a nice smooth look. Once you're done painting the mirror, let the chalk paint dry for 30 minutes. Apply a second coat to the mirror. Let it dry for 30 minutes. Apply a thin layer of creme wax with a foam brush and let it dry A second coat of chalk paint will fill in thin spots and streaks, giving it a smooth, all-over finish. 'When the first coat is dry to the touch, apply a second coat in the same manner, moving your. Note: a hair dryer may be used to speed up drying time on thin coats of paint (a hair dryer used on a very thick coat of paint can cause cracking). It will take 24 hours before FolkArt Home Decor Chalk is fully cured to the surface of your project

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Choose your chalk-style paint. Use a spray shelter to control overspray. Thin the paint so it will flow properly through the sprayer. Spray the project and add additional coats if necessary. If desired, distress the project. Seal the project to protect the paint Pour a small amount of paint in your tray and begin by using the Flat Brush to paint the center panels or smaller detailed areas on your door. Annie developed this brush to create a smoother finish with your paint. It lays the paint down more thin and smooth than the oval natural bristle brushes The great thing about chalk paint is that it's very easy to use and can be applied to wood, metal, plastic, fabric, ceramic, or glass and requires almost zero prep work and no priming. #1 Chalk paint is a furniture paint that's designed to adhere to most surfaces which generally means there is no sanding required before you start painting your furniture Chalk Paint Tips. Whether you're looking to refinish a cabinet or give some patio furniture a facelift chalk paint can go a long way when used properly. The best way to approach chalk paint is to apply a lot of thin layers. Chalk paint dries fast, which means it won't take a lot of time to apply several layers Well, I finally did it I used my paint-gun to spray a DIY Chalk-Mineral-Paint! You may recall about 6 months ago I wrote a post on Spraying with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.The clean-up wasn't fun but the spray finish turned out flawless and amazing

The beauty of chalk paint is that you can thin it with some tap water! I added about ¼ cup water to my cup and painted the entire piece a second time to make sure the color was completely opaque. This took about half the time since it was the second coat and the paint was thinner I mentioned in the dresser makeover post that I don't plan on doing a full tutorial or anything on using the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (and referenced and linked to several other bloggers that already have). But I did want to talk a little bit about my experience using the paint because I think this is something you all should know, so here it goes Chalk paint is designed to look older and rustic, but overdoing it makes it look messy and unfinished. The best way to distress a chalk piece is to run sandpaper over the edges and areas where there is a natural texture. source. #2- Wax top coat. Wax is like the forgotten sister of chalk paint, too many people get excited about chalk paint and. Center the Damask mylar stencil on the side of the chalk painted desk. Affix the stencil to the desk with painter's tape. Stir the Dixie mud to ensure a smooth consistency. Using the silicone spatula tool, dip into the mud and spread it evenly over the stencil. Scrape the excess back into the jar

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The chalk paint was applied in thin layers. It looked PERFECT, after I applied the 3rd coat and left it to dry overnight. There were no issues with the chalk paint Next, you are going to need to seal the paint somehow. Annie Sloan clear wax has been formulated and used with Annie Sloan chalk paint for over 30 years. It's more of a European way to topcoat, but it is the easiest way I have found, and gives beautiful amazing results. Wax works just fine for cabinetry or other hard used surfaces Chalk paint is a fun and budget-friendly way to transform old, dated (even damaged) furniture pieces! Be careful to apply very thin coats. If the cabinets get hit with direct sunlight, I might reconsider the top coat because I've found the sun can cause yellowing over time. I would definitely use a soft brush over a foam brush Homemade Chalk Paint Recipe. The ratio of paint (regular flat paint) to water to plaster of paris is 3:2:1, or in other words -. 1 cup paint. 2/3 cup water. 1/3 cup plaster of paris powder. Mix the water and powder together first. I mixed in a disposable container with a lid so that I could save it in between coats and then throw it.

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Chalk paint is all the rage with it's matte finish that has a french country feel. Add dark wax over that to enhance woodwork, and you have a beautiful work of art. There is a little trick to applying dark wax over chalk paint when painting furniture. It is important to know a few thing before you apply wax to wood You can also dilute Chalk Paint and layer it on in thin coats to build up coverage slowly. 3. Test it out. Every piece of furniture is different, so my golden rule is to always test Chalk Paint. Pour chalk paint onto a paper plate. A little goes a long way. Best to add more to your plate as you go to ensure you do not waste. Using your Natural Bristle Chalk Paint Brush, coat the bottom of your brush and start painting the top of your piece. Be sure to work the paint in the same direction of the wood grain How to Distress Chalk Spray Paint. Distressing this paint is the best part! Once your paint is dry, take a fine or medium grit sandpaper and sand a few areas on your furniture that would naturally be distressed. I sanded down the edges of the chair and the tops. I lightly sanded the seat and the back and the front of the legs To use chalk paint with a roller: Pour the chalk paint into a paint pan, then load it onto a high-density foam roller (depending on the size of the furniture, a four-inch mini roller may be the best option). Scrape off the excess paint on the grid of the pan

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Chalk paint - 3 colors (you can find my diy chalk paint recipe here) Good paintbrush for painting base coat- I use Paint Pixie brushes and this Amazon brush which is AMAZING and cheap! Primer (if needed) + foam brush to apply it- I was painting over cherry wood so it was a must. I love and use Zinsser Bulls eye Shellac or Zinsser BI You'll want to use a spray mister water bottle to thin your paint slightly while you're painting, and do a very light sanding at the end to achieve the smoothest finish. Dry time: Chalk paint dries quickly, in about 15-30 minutes. This means you can completely finish a piece with a couple coats in a single day Apply multiple thin coats to prevent dripping and sagging. NOTE: Use MANGOLIA HOME BY JOANNA GAINES Clear Chalk Spray Paint over glossy surfaces to create a matte finish. For high use surfaces like coffee tables, dining tables or vanities, spray over surfaces previously painted with MAGNOLIA HOME BY JONNA GAINES Chalk Style Paint for a. Step 7 - Prepare With Chalk. Once the paint has been given enough time to dry, further prepare it by rubbing chalk over the entire surface. Allow this chalk to stay for a few seconds and then erase it. Once you have finished this process the chalkboard paint is ready to be used. As always, carefully read the paint's label for any other.

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Thin the paint to suit the desired finish. Thicker paint shows more brushstrokes. If you want a smooth finish, thin the paint with a little water. Add the water slowly so you don't end up with a thin, runny mess. Go easy on the wax. It doesn't take much wax to seal chalk paint Apply one thin coat, and don't go over the poly that has already been applied, or you will lift your paint. Allow the first coat of poly to fully dry (at LEAST two hours.) Before applying a second coat, sand the first coat with 400 grit sandpaper. I applied three coats of poly, sanding in between each coat, for a nice, durable, smooth finish $2.00 Chalk Paint Recipe. Mix: 1 Tablespoon of water with 2-1/2 teaspoons of Calcium Carbonate Powder in a bowl. Mix to a smooth consistency. Add the entire contents of the 2 oz. craft paint bottle into the bowl and mix it well into the water and CCP mixture A common variation is 8 parts paint to 1 part powder and 1/2-part water. Plaster of Paris is said to create a more durable finish, but is a little more difficult to work with and may need additional thinning. See our recipe for chalk paint. Other paint companies have also joined the fray, including Valspar and Behr

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Here we go, chip and paint. You're going to thin it by half with water, more or less. I like to use this tool for all this. This is called a mixing mate, and you can see that it's got this auger, that's going to mix the paint for you, but here's the feature I really like. You lower it into the can and you lock it in place This Faux Patina Paint project mixes chalk paints with actual metal dust that you can then spray with the oxidizing patina spray to make real oxidized copper, bronze, and iron (or rust) patina looks. This is so much easier and more fun than trying to layer a bunch of paint colors to get a realistic patina paint finish Chalk Paint Finishing. Wax is a common finish for chalk paint and is applied in a thin layer using either a brush or a cloth. I applied my wax with a cloth here. After it is applied and dried, you have to buff it out to the sheen that you want The liquid chalk writes and erases on any chalkboard surface the same way chalk would. If you don't have a chalkboard you can easily make your own. I've made chalkboard surfaces on everything from ceramic mugs to card stock. There are many options for chalkboard paint lately. I really love Rust-Oleum's chalk spray paint

This chalk paint may go onto the surface looking a bit clear, but don't worry! The color will show through once it dries. Apply a thin layer of paint to the surface you're working on. If the paint goes on too thick, it won't last as long as it may peel from the surface. Ways to Use Your Chalk Paint Recip DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint. Hey all—hope you're doing well cooped up in the house! It isn't warm here yet, but it is warm enough to throw on a jacket and do some outdoor play once things warm up a bit. So last weekend we decided to try some DIY sidewalk chalk paint. Ramona loves using chalk, but she isn't super great at holding it and. How to. To recreate this ombre at home, begin by painting the bottom of your furniture with a thin first coat in Capri Pink Chalk Paint. Brush in all directions. Then do the same with Barcelona Orange Chalk Paint to cover the top half of your piece. Repeat the process to give full coverage of each colour Making DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint. Combine equal parts cornstarch and water in a bowl. Mix it up until smooth. Pour the mixture in separate bowls to make different colors. Add a few drops of food coloring to each bowl, enough to make the colors vibrant. Keep in mind they will lighten as the paint dries, so add a little extra To make your chalk drawings permanent, spread out the chalkboard and carefully spray a thin, even layer of paint, AT LEAST 10 inches. Make sure the surface is completely covered. Aerosol is important because it sprays small, regular drops

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This recipe of chalk paint is thicker as compare to others therefore it required more water for making it thin. It provides a little bit different smooth surface and nice chalky finish as compare to the Recipe's which are given upper and takes time to dry up to ½ hour While chalkboard paint comes in many colors, if you want a custom hue, you can make your own chalkboard paint. Combine 1 cup latex paint in your chosen shade with 2 tablespoons of unsanded tile grout. Mix with a paint stirrer. Gently sand the dry laryers of paint between coats with 150-grit sandpaper during application Squeeze out excess paint from the paintbrush against the container. Apply long, thin strokes of paint from the back to the front of the velvet. Then, work the brush in circular motions to ensure you're covering the fibers in all directions. Set it in the sun to dry for at least an hour, or if you're impatient like us — use a blowdryer