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Musik-Downloads für Smartphone und Player. Mit Autorip gratis bei jedem CD-Kauf Entdecke set bei Zalando. Bestelle jetzt bequem online Learn how to use degree wheel kit to time camshaft.. ORDER THE DVD ON MY EBAY STOR The crankshaft sprocket features three keyways to allow you to advance or retard your camshaft with using offset keys or bushings. Follow the instructions for your engine. CAUTION: You must recheck your piston to valve clearance after advancing or retarding you camshaft timing Turn the crankshaft one turn counterclockwise and set the timing belt onto the crankshaft sprocket. Set the timing belt on the tension pulley. Place the tension pulley pin hole so that it is towards the top. Press the tension pulley onto the timing belt, and then provisionally tighten the fixing bolt. Tighten the bolt to 35 ft. lbs. (48 Nm)

The following instructions begin after the timing cover and old timing set have been removed. Installing the timing set and degreeing the camshaft will be easier if you loosen the rocker arms so that the camshaft can turn freely. You should be able to turn the camshaft by hand. Make sure that the engine mounting surfaces and your new timing set. With the engine off, open the hood and locate the crankshaft pulley. There will be a mark on the crankshaft pulley along with degree mark (s) on the timing cover. Tip: These marks can be observed while the engine is running by illuminating this area with the timing light to check and adjust ignition timing. Step 2: Locate the number one cylinder Rotate engine by hand clockwise until crankshaft makes contact with timing peg. Do not use excessive force. Hole on crankshaft pulley will align with hole on timing cover. Install a 6mm x 18mm bolt through the crankshaft pulley TDC guide hole and into the engine front cover TDC guide hole Set it up same as a stock cam timing. The Cam turns at 1/2 the speed of the crank..the timing chain link count is an even number to assure it does not change timing...odd number chain link count would add or subtract a degree or so with each revolution Using the 15/16 or 24 mm deep socket and ratchet, rotate the engine in the clockwise direction using the crankshaft pulley bolt on the front of the engine until the letters OT appear in the clutch housing window

The easiest way is to use a timing light with adjustment knob, set #1 to zero, the next cylinder in order should be 270, then 180, then 90 back to zero as you go threw the firing order. This tip contributed by Mike Duffy @MDR Step 2 - Locate Sensor. Once the battery has been disconnected, you are ready to try to find the crankshaft position sensor. This will usually be on the front part of your engine. It may also be in the rear or on the side. It is a good idea for you to get your hands on a shop manual so that you will be able to know where the sensor is 3. Turn the crankshaft clockwise and align the timing marks so as to bring the No. 1 cylinder to compression top-dead-center position. At this time the timing marks of the camshaft sprocket and the upper surface of the rocker cover should coincide, and the dowel pin of the camshaft sprocket should be at the upper side Procedure Rotate the engine to TDC on the Compression Stroke of the #1 cylinder. Both valves should be closed. Install the Degree Wheel on the crankshaft and set it to zero Learn the ignition timing number. Look for the ruler-style row of numbers on the front of the engine's harmonic balancer (or flywheel), which should have numbers above and below zero. Typically, when your car comes from the manufacturer, ignition base idle timing is set to a manufacture specification before top dead center

Installation Instructions Cloyes ® 3-Keyway Crank Sprockets The Cloyes® Patented 3-Keyway crank sprocket allows adjustment of the crankshaft timing by ± 4°. Remember: The camshaft angle is half of the crankshaft angle, therefore the camshaft will correspondingly advance or retard by ± 2°. By changing the cam timing, enhancements to th You'll need a timing light. With the light wired up per the instructions and the engine running, point the light at the main pulley that comes off the crankshaft. This pulley has a notch or mark on it. On an engine timed to zero degrees advance, also known as Top Dead Center, that mark will appear to flash with the light pointed at it Your timing is now set to zero degrees of mechanical timing. Step 5. Replace the valve cover using a new gasket. Replace the spark plugs and spark plug wires using the marks from Step 1. You may want to mark the harmonic balancer with a zero point referenced to a fixed point on the engine. A fixed point could be a bolt head or accessory bracket.

Rotate crank until the rockers on cylinder one are holding both valves open a little. This is the overlap period and how you are going to set the cam timing. Look at the pointer and pulley. Rotate crank to set them so they are directly opposite each other Want to know how to set up any crank sensor type in an Elite series ECU? Pull up a chair and click that PLAY button!Crank sensor setup is one of the most imp.. 2) look through the spark plug hole and eyeball it till the proper piston is nearly tdc (you may be off a few degrees but at this point some marking on the crank should be pointing up, typically a dot on the timing cog) 3) set the crank so piston one is full compression stroke (or between exhaust and intake strokes) set the cam to this position. 1.There is a Timing Pointer on the back of the engine. There is a White mark on the flywheel. The white mark must line up with the timing pointer, for Number 1 piston to be at Top Dead Center. 2.Facing the engine, looking at the camshaft sprocket The use of a degree wheel is recommended for proper timing of the camshaft to the crankshaft. During and after installation, observe for any interference between the timing set and engine block. If interference is found, remove or grind that area of the block so adequate clearance is obtained. When removing a press fit crank sprocket, a proper.

I'm using the 60-2 wheel & crank sensor. A Hall-Effect cam signal distributor and Coil-On-Plug. Here's a LINK. What is the proper way to set the timing? Because at the moment, at idle with timing light, it's 0°. And when I rev the engine, it shows on the timing light to move to only 20° advance Begin with the dial indicator in place on the intake lobe for the number-one cylinder and rotate the crankshaft clockwise until you reach the valve's maximum lift. Zero out your dial indicator. Now rotate the crank counterclockwise until you have dropped at least 0.100 in valve lift

The timing of a small engine is crucial for it to actually start and run properly. The timing on a 16-horsepower Kohler engine and all small engines is determined by the alignment of the flywheel. The flywheel is bolted onto the top of crankshaft and held at the correct position via the flywheel key Fit the timing disc to the front of the crankshaft. A pointer for the timing disc can be made from a piece of bent wire secured under a suitable front cover bolt. Position a dial gauge to measure the travel of No 1 piston (see right). Turn the crank until the piston is at its maximum height and zero the gauge

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Install the crankshaft but take extra care to observe crank-tobearing contact. Once it's seated, turn the crank slowly to evaluate the smoothness of rotation. Study patterns in the assembly lube on the journals. Look for pressure points crankshaft so that standard timing mark on crank-shaft is in line with lubrication passage in engine block, Figure 35. Litho in U.S.A. Drive crankshaft 1/16 inch into the wide side of balance gears. Remove tool and turn crankshaft until standard timing mark on crankshaft aligns with timing mark on camshaft gear

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Setting base timing with Grid and crank trigger. I'm replacing a dizzy with a new MSD crank trigger and need to understand how to set the base crank trigger timing with the existing Grid. I've read some brief posts on it, but its not clear to me. There is no way to bypass or turn off the Grid timing control so setting base timing via the crank. Ignition timing, and your ability to set it as Willys intended, is dependent on correct assembly of 3 mechanical combinations: Flywheel to crankshaft: Due to the 2 special tapered bolts, the flywheel can only be mated to the crankshaft in 2 orientations hillbrigger. There's a black plastic plug under the recoil starter. Have to pull off the recoil and remove the plug. Align the straight line with the notch under the plastic plug. There's a large H mark ( /---/ ) then another mark ( / ) right after the H on the rotor. The one after the H is the one you want Comments: Hi after timing the engine crank shaft at tdc, cam shaft at tdc. Car start missing when driving at 60 to 65 mph check engine light came on. Code camshaft, knock sensor bank one and crack shaft sensor out of espec I don't know what to do. Timing is set up fine. Thanks: November 30, 201 1. Install Timing Shunt (P/N: 801012) into 4 connection connector on the distributor • On models w/ an ECM disconnect the 4 wire plug from the distributor 2. Start Engine 3. Supply 12v+ to the black wire 4. Adjust idle to 750‐850 RPM (carbureted models) 5. Set timing to 10o BTDC 6

Step 1: Set up the timing marks. Check the workshop manual. There are as many different kinds of timing marks as there are engines. Usually they are a series of dots that are lined up when the engine is at TDC. Put the bolt back in the crankshaft temporarily to enable you to turn the engine Install J 44221 with the camshaft flats up and the number one cylinder at top dead center. Compress the tensioner and lock in place. Install the crankshaft sprocket. Install the intake camshaft sprocket into the timing chain. Align the (dark) link of the timing chain with the timing mark on the intake camshaft sprocket (1) From here, tighten up the distributor bolts to lock the position and set the base timing to the ECU controlled base ignition timing position. Fit the distributor dust cover, refit the rotor button. You should find that the rotor button points clearly at the cylinder 1 dizzy cap ignition lead position and the dizzy should look like this: From.

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lines up with the little slot in the timing cover plate. Apply sealant to the timing cover and install over the IP timing gear. Thread the 4 bolts in very loosely to make installation of the IP easier. Align the slot in the IP to mate with the dowel in the 4 o'clock position. Install the IP to engage with the IP timing gear about half way Crankshaft timing marks: The crankshaft has a pressed on timing gear. This gear has a small dimple punched on one of the teeth on this gear. This dimple is a timing mark. With the crankpin at top dead center, the timing mark should be in the 2†30 position. The camshaft has an aligning mark in line with the timing hole on the camshaft gear The camshaft is connected via the timing chain and sprockets at a 1:2 ratio to the crankshaft and therefore revolves once for every two turns of the crank. Its purpose is to operate the intake and exhaust valves in the correct timing with the piston as it sequences thru the four strokes

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I recently replaced the timing guide and tensioner arm on my 06 R53, the guide had chunks out of it and pieces down in the oil pan, not fun. But anyway, i stupidly didnt set the crank and cam in reference position prior to removing the chain, and i marked it with a sharpie that rubber right off When the links line up with the notches, the timing marks on the pulley, the cam sprocket notches, and the dark links should be in a similar position as shown in the image below (Fig. 1), but with the crank pulley set to the 2nd mark to the left instead of the 1st.Figure 1After lining up the crank/cams, remove the two bolt

Install your lower timing gear on the crankshaft making sure that the timing marks are facing out toward you. 4. Now that the lower timing gear has been installed check the timing mark alignment in your engine manual. Rotate the crankshaft using your crankshaft socket until the timing mark on the gear is in the proper position (12 o'clock) Loosen the distributor base bolt and set the timing to the left of 0, advanced per YOUR sticker spec. If the timing bounces, that is wrong, with the freeze jumper in place , there are 9 causes for that failure. The 60k tune up, schedule states when to change the Cam belt, avoid skipping this service point and avoid being stranded Sorry for the slow responces I'm doing this all from my phone. Yes I read the vfaq and the haynes manual, the teeth aren't off that much. When I alligned the crank pulley mark with the lower timing belt covers timing mark, the cams were one tooth off,. The only crankshaft timing mark is on the pulley itself right Your Price: $59.95. John Deere Servicegard Cam/Crankshaft Timing Lock Pin Set - JDG971. Availability: Usually available. Brand John Deere. Put me on the Waiting List. ×. Put Me on the Waiting List. The item you are trying to purchase is currently out of stock How to Set the Timing on a 15 Horsepower Briggs & Stratton Engine. Proper timing on your Briggs & Stratton 15 horsepower engine is vital for peak engine performance and proper engine operation

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  1. g marks are on the FLYWHEEL (not the front pully as on most modern engines), so flywheel mounting deter
  2. 2. Set the No. 1 piston at TDC. 3. Rotate the crankshaft (counterclockwise) five to six revolutions to set the belt.. 4. Set the No. 1 piston at TDC. 5. Loosen the adjusting bolt 1/2 turn (180') only. 6. Rotate the crankshaft counterclockwise 3-teeth on the camshaft pulley. 7. Tighten the adjusting bolt to the specified torque
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  4. g and vibrator circuit operation: a. Verify that the magnetos are timed to the engine at the proper degrees before top . center on number one cylinder. See ti
  5. g pulley until its notch aligns with the mark on the oil pump housing. NOTE: The crankshaft ti
  6. g gear with phasher and lower gear at the same time. Note: cam phaser has a limiter installed

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The job of the timing belt is to position the valves correctly in relation to the pistons for intake of fuel and exhaust. So, when a timing belt is set in the incorrect position (or wears out), valves can be smashed by the pistons and severe engine damage occurs. With most cars, timing is set to top dead center on number 1 piston The ABN Volvo Camshaft Crankshaft Engine Alignment Tool Timing Set Kit for Volvo 850, 960, S40, S70, S90 is designed for alignment of the cam and crankshafts on Volvo vehicles. It allows you to correct install camshafts with a cam cover and will hold down the valve cover/cam shaft bearings so all those little bolts can be torqued down properly

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  3. With crank and cam marks aligned then turn crank to set #1 on TDC of compression stroke. This will place the cam gear with the mark facing straight up. Index the pump gear so its marks match and install the pump. Basically no matter how you do it as long as the cam gear mark is at 12 Oclock and the IP gear marks match it will work

This will put you on the compression stroke of #1 cyl. Put a socket on the crankshaft bolt and continue rotating the engine (in the same rotation you witnessed earlier) until the TDC mark 0 lines up with the timing pointer on the block. Then pop open the distributor cap. You should be pointing toward plug wire #1 To set the timing chain, follow this procedure. To set the camshaft, first of all, set the tappet clearance on number 8 valve (the valve at the back of the engine closest to the steering wheel) to 0.023in (when the cam and rocker is in its lowest position). Then set number 7 valve to 0.025in. Turn the engine away from TDC Take reading from timing disk/pointer Rotate crankshaft anticlockwise until it comes solidly up against the piston stop. Take reading from timing disk/pointer. Compare the two readings and split the difference between them. ie if clockwise rotation of crank stops at 74 degrees and anticlockwise rotation of crank stops at 70 deg then you would. Genuine 2021 Audi Part # 034105263A (034-105-263-A) - Crankshaft gear. Engine timing crankshaft sprocket. Pulley. Timing gear set. All models. Crankshaft gear. Crankshaft gear; all model

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Set valve timings to TDC mark of cylinder 1 and check. Setting as for items 1 and 4 of Removal above. If locking and adjustment tools cannot be inserted into crankshaft and camshaft, timings must be set again. Engine can be damaged if timings are not set correctly! Remove locking and adjustment tools from crankshaft and camshaft Genuine 1987 Audi Part # 034105263A (034-105-263-A) - Crankshaft gear. Engine timing crankshaft sprocket. Pulley. Timing gear set. All models. Crankshaft gear. Crankshaft gear; all model timing and accessory belts, new cam and crank seals, a new crank sprocket bolt, four new crankshaft pulley bolts, timing belt tensioner assembly and roller, water pump with metal impeller, and two jugs of fresh Pentosin 12 coolant. Access is the main challenge. If this engine is on a stand, belt and pump replacement is much easier The lawn mower timing has been affected! You should suspect flywheel key problems if your engine will not start and: Spark is seen when checked. The engine has good compression. Adequate fuel is entering the engine. Remember,a spark will be produced anytime the magnets pass by the magneto coil, especially if the engine has a solid state. Check the stock timing with a timinglight. If you don't have access to a timing light, you can stilldo this, but it is not as safe. If you don't have access to a DynoJet, then just proceed to the next step. To adjust the timing youare going to loosen the three 10 mm bolts on the crank angle sensor

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1.6L Ford VCT Alignment Timing Tool Kit 303-1097 VCT Alignment Tool 303-1550 Crankshaft Vibration Dampener Alignment Tool 303-1552 Camshaft Alignment Tool 303-748, 303-1054, 303-1059, and 303-735 Timing Pins/Pegs Kit covers timing belt replacement on Ford 1.6 Duratec engines with variable valve timing on the crankshaft gear. 15. Lubricate the timing set with fresh engine oil. Also ensure the engine oil has a clear path to the timing set through the lifter valley oil drain back holes. 16. Install oil pump drive, if it is separate from your crankshaft gear, by aligning the crankshaft keyway and install until fully seated against the timing gear Remove the flywheel, side cover and crank, and install the piston, rod, crank, cam, etc (leaving off the cylinder head) getting to the point where you are ready to install the flywheel and set the timing. You are now ready to set the timing. Truthfully, it is more accurate to set the timing by fixing the piston at a measured distance before it. Step 2 - Aligning of Timing Marks. Align both the crank gear's key and key way with the crankshaft's key way. The crankshaft has certain timing marks on it. Align the timing marks of the crankshaft and the silent shaft sprockets to match the timing marks of the front case. When that is done, wrap the timing belt tightly around the sprockets • And the crankshaft/magneto must be spinning. Magneto Timing • If all of these conditions are met, the cylinder will fire. Magneto Timing • Timing is initially set internally in the magneto. • It is then set to the engine. • Both setting procedures may call for initial gross settings, followed by som

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  6. g marks can rarely be completed in under an hour on most modern engines. But, capturing the waveforms from the camshaft and crankshaft sensors can be completed in under 30

If the No. 1 piston is actually at TDC, but the timing pointer shows 5 crank degrees before TDC, you could set the ignition advance to a spec set by the engine builder and put the engine into. Yes it is correct, don't confuse camshaft timing with ignition timing. The camshaft turns half of what the crankshaft turns in a revolution. In other words, if you start with the marks aligned as in the photo and turn the crankshaft 1 revolution the mark on the cam will be 180 degrees from the mark on the crankshaft gear Rotor phasing is now set and you can fire the engine. Remember that unless you are using digital timing control, this timing is locked in at the set point. In an EFI application using a crank trigger, the setup procedure is slightly different To determine the timing, two methods are usually used: measure the geometric dimensions of the port and the crankshaft, conrod and piston and derive the timing from trigonometric calculations. This method is quite accurate, but you need to dismantle the engine completely To set the timing on a Chevy 305 engine, locate the timing mark near the harmonic balancer. Turn the crankshaft with a ratchet until the timing notch is visible. Attach a timing light to spark plug one and the battery, disconnect the vacuum advance hose from the distributor, and loosen the distributor hold-down slightly

If the timing gears are exposed, rotate the crankshaft to bring the crank and cam gear timing marks as indicated in Figure 1. When viewing the gears from the front, the timing mark on each timing gear should be at approximately the 10 o'clock position Next, rotate the crankshaft clockwise until the timing pin and the crankshaft bottom out. Now your crankshaft is in position. The last and final steps will be to slide the belt on and set the belt tension. For more information regarding belt tension please refer to our Dr. Diesel ™ Tech. Last. Your timing chain serves as a link between your crankshaft and camshaft to assure the two are in time. A gear on the crankshaft drives the camshaft (s) that activates valves during the proper piston stroke. When the chain stretches out it can affect the ignition and valve timing. This can cause whining, buzzing, whirring, or rattling noises

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That is not how you set the tension. The slack should be taken up when you pretension the tensioner pulley. the lockers. the big paper clips also help to keep the belt in place while you line everything up. be sure to have your timing on as well. even crank the engine over by hand a couple of times just to make sure. its cheep insurance for. The crankshaft timing mark is on the flywheel,remove the cover in the bed and on top of the flywheel housing is a rubber plug.Remove the plug and turn the crankshaft clockwise til the T mark on the flywheel aligns with the mark.The #1 wire in the cap is usually on the side not bottom,trace the wire back from the plug If fitted: Mark position of crankshaft position (CKP) sensor before removal. Do NOT turn crankshaft via camshaft or other sprockets. Do NOT turn crankshaft or camshaft with timing chain removed. How to Replace timing chain on Vauxhall/Opel Meriva A 1.4 i Twinsport Valve timing procedures. Turn crankshaft until just before TDC mark on No.1.

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SLP's latest double row adjustable timing set, PN 55000, is perfect for any performance build. You can still find offset bushings and low-cost timing chains if you're building a real budget engine. engine and run it at a 3,000 RPM. Make sure the Dash timing value reads the desired timing for maximum power. You may have to set the values in the timing map to correspond to this. In our boosted timing example, make the all the values 20o. Shine the timing light into the hole in the cap 6.28 Set the crankshaft key in the 12 o'clock position (the key aligns with the mark on the oil pump body - arrowed) 6.29 Align the yellow link of the timing chain with the mark on the crankshaft sprocket (arrowed) 6.28 Set the crankshaft key in the 12 o'clock position (the key aligns with the mark on the oil pump body - arrowed When the links line up with the notches, the timing marks on the pulley, the cam sprocket notches, and the dark links should be in a similar position as shown in the image below (Fig. 1), but with the crank pulley set to the 2nd mark to the left instead of the 1st

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2001 Hyundai Santa Fe. the timing marks on the camshaft pulleys are facing in different directions when the crankshaft is lined up with the timing mark. you have it on valve overlap. rotate the crank one revolution and the marks should be around where they belong. be carefull turning the motor that you do not have a valve hit a piston 6,116 Posts. #6 · Feb 19, 2012. Beenthere said: I am calling the gear on the crankshaft, the timing gear and the gear on the camshaft the cam gear. There is a rib on the cam gear but there is no mark of any kind on the crankshaft gear. Since this is the first GXV620 I have torn down, I was wondering if there may be a different technique used. The keyway on that crank WILL be at 12 oclock when the #1 cylinder is at TDC. Theres no other possibility because all the cranks have the keys cut in the same spot. So get a good timing set, crank key at 12oclock, crank gear will have a dot at 6oclock. Cam gear will have dot at 12oclock. Dot on cam gear will line up with mark on front rockerarm.

Struggling to set timing up on a 4.0 v8. I have a couple of questions. 1. Where should the keyway on the crankshaft be at TDC. 2. Does the crankshaft locating pin only fit 1 of the holes on the flywheel. 3. Should all 4 cams align together at TDC. Trying another tack, is anybody out there doing their timing chains at the moment With the lower timing belt cover removed, loosen the 14mm bolt that holds the idler pulley and bracket in place and slide off the old timing belt . Make sure you slip the pulley off the crankshaft carefully as to not lose the crank Woodruff key (keyway), set the bolt and keyway to the side safely. Need to change your D16Y8 SOHC Timing Belt Lori Kilchermann The timing gear in an engine ensures the opening and closing of the engine's valves. The timing gear is connected by chain, gears, or a belt to the crankshaft at one end and the camshaft on the other. It is marked with tiny increments all around its perimeter, which correspond to degrees of timing from the straight-up timing position of the camshaft and crankshaft Slacken both bolts just enough to let you slide the tensioner. Move the tensioner as necessary to tighten or loosen the belt. Lock it by tightening the bolt over the slot. Re-check the tension and readjust if necessary. When it is correct, tighten both bolts and refit the timing-belt cover and fan belt

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Your timing chain serves as a link between your crankshaft and camshaft to assure the two are in time. A gear on the crankshaft drives the camshaft (s) that activates valves during the proper piston stroke. When the chain stretches out it can affect the ignition and valve timing. This can cause whining, buzzing, whirring, or rattling noises A timing mark is an indicator used for setting the timing of the ignition system of an engine, typically found on the crankshaft pulley (as pictured) or the flywheel, being the largest radius rotating at crankshaft speed and therefore the place where marks at one degree intervals will be farthest apart.. On older engines it is common to set the ignition timing using a timing light, which. There is a timing pointer attached to the engine in a fixed location that will have degree marks on it, usually in 2 degree increments. Every time the #1 wire fires it will cause the timing light to flash. When it flashes it shows the timing mark position at that instant. You always set the initial advance using #1 plug wire, because the cam. 9. Gender: Male. I have an 02 Tacoma with a 3.4l V6. My timing belt broke and I am trying to figure out how to get my timing right when I put the new belt on. Here is my plan: set both cams and the camshaft to the timing indicators, then put on my belt and rotate the crankshaft twice. If all the indicators are still line up then I will consider.

The crankshaft will need to turned so that the timing mark on the crankshaft sprocket is at the 4 o'clock position. You need to then look at the camshaft sprockets and be sure the left bank has the L at the top of the sprocket and the right bank has the R at the top of the sprocket Position the crankshaft keyway to the twelve o'clock position. Slide the crankshaft sprocket over the crank making sure the notch in the sprocket is even with the tooth. This will set the cam timing to zero degrees which is perfect for most street applications. Position the timing chain and cam gear onto the camshaft and dowel

The following thread will explain how we set up the Toyota 2UZ-FE Timing Belt marks when replacing the timing belt. The first tip is that we set the timing marks in place with the engine past/after TDC and not on TDC. This is because this engine is an interference engine and it will help prevent the valve damage if the cam or crank were to slip. Degreeing the camshafts is the process of checking, and if necessary altering, the cam timing so that the timing is set perfectly to specified timing values. On stock and performance engines, cam timing can be off slightly due to manufacturing variations in parts such as the camshafts, cam gears, cam chain, cylinder, cylinder head, crankshaft. 3 Answers. Pull out distributor leaving only the rotor button on it, rotate crank shaft until timing mark on crank pully/harmonic balancer are lined up with mark on engine block. This should be at (TDC) top dead center. Another way to tell if it's coming around to top dead center is to pull out #1 spark plug and place thumb over hole Screw it in all the way to lock the crankshaft in place at TDC. 12) Unbolt the crankshaft pulley (vibration damper) from the crankshaft sprocket. Remove the belt guard be-hind it. Remove the main crankshaft sprocket retaining bolt. 13) Remove timing belt tensioner components (tensioner, relay pivot, and tensioner roller) and the timing belt

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Turn crankshaft clockwise until just before TDC on No.1 cylinder. Fit crankshaft timing pin [3] . Tool No.303-748. Turn crankshaft slowly clockwise until it stops against timing pin. Ensure camshaft setting bar can be fitted [4] . Tool No.303-376B. If setting bar cannot be fitted: Remove crankshaft timing pin [3] 1. Verify that the timing marks and the key are aligned to the position shown in the figure. If they are not in the position shown in the figure, rotate the camshaft and crankshaft to set the cylinder No.1 top dead center (TDC). 2. Install the timing chain while aligning the marks on each sprocket and the timing chain as shown in the figure. 3 When you install the new timing belt, place it on the engine, working counterclockwise, starting from the crankshaft sprocket. Slip the belt over the intermediate shaft sprocket, around the tensioner, and over the camshaft sprocket. Now, loosen both bolts on the tensioner to apply tension to the timing belt Make sure the camshaft pulley is still set so that piston No.1 is at TDC (refer to Step 12) Step 20 Install the timing belt tightly in the following order. 1. Timing Belt Drive Pulley (Crankshaft) > 2. Tensioner > 3. Water Pump Pulley > 4. Camshaft Pulley. While doing this, be sure to keep the timing belt drive pulley and camshaft pulley at TDC.

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