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Environment variables with a period and a program name appended override; e.g., if ' latex ' is the name of the program being run, then TEXINPUTS.latex will override TEXINPUTS. A program-specific configuration file, for example, a line ' S /a:/b ' in dvips 's config.ps How can I install TexLive on PC-BSD 8.2 and set all the environment variables? Stack Exchange Network Stack Exchange network consists of 177 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow , the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers

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If the environment variable TEXLIVE_COMPRESSOR is defined, use it; abort if it doesn't work. Possible values: lz4, gzip, xz. The necessary options are added internally. If lz4 is available (either from the system or TL) and working, use that. If gzip is available (from the system) and working, use that c. Add SumatraPDF to PATH (IMPORTANT!Add the following thing (System Path Variable): PATH = C:\Program Files (x86)\SumatraPDF;. Set inverse search in SumatraPDF (when you double click the PDF, you would get th (Nearly everything the Build script does can be overridden via environment variables; just take a look to see the names.) Many more details about the TL build system, such as configuring to work on a single program, adding new programs or libraries, documentation about the many pieces of the system, etc., are in the doc/tlbuild* document and. TEXLIVE_INSTALL_PREFIX defaults to /usr/local/texlive, while TEXLIVE_INSTALL_TEXDIR defaults to the release directory within that prefix, e.g., /usr/local/texlive/2016. All the defaults can be seen by running the installer interactively and then typing D for the directory menu

environment-variables bashrc.profile texlive. Share. Improve this question. Follow edited Jun 12 '20 at 14:37. Community. These TeX variables can be overriden by system environment variables like TEXLIVE_INSTALL_TEXDIR. Check install-tl --help for details. Installation from ISO TeX environment variables for Unix. There may exist multiple TeX distributions installed alongside. So, it's better to create a current version symlink.. @nobody Thanks for the motivation. My fault with the approach was that I should have included the full path (with the intermediate directory, x86_64-linux) in the PATH environment variable. Now It's corrected with just the tweak. - dd_rookie May 6 '17 at 9:0 5.3 Removing TeX Live from your hard disk. The uninstall procedure is available either from the TeXLive.exe program, from the TeXLive menu or from the control panel (Start menu -> Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs option). This procedure will cleanup your hard disk of most of the TeX Live files. However, TeX is a system that is creating files. However, if run with texlive there are no errors. I know this because I have 2 linux setups and 1 windows setup that call texlive (I specifically removed miktex from that windows machine to test), and it works there. I have defined an environment variable named R_PDFLATEX, which is picked up by R, but it's not helping R find texlive. Any.

If you need to download through proxies, use a ~/.wgetrc file or environment variables with the proxy settings for wget. TeX Live always uses GNU wget to download. It seems that setting the environment variable http_proxy should work, but the texlive installer didn't inherit the environment variable for some reason. I'm afraid you will have to. Switching between MiKTeX and TeX Live You have to adjust the environment variable PATH in order to switch between MiKTeX and TeX Live. Alternatively, you can use absolute path names TeX Live ISO Images. This directory contains the ISO image for the official T. e. X Live release; md5 and sha512 checksums are provided, and the sha checksum is GPG-signed. The generic names (texliveYYYY.iso and texlive.iso) are symlinks to the dated release .iso. The T @jgm John, it looks like the runTeXProgram function in Text.Pandoc.PDF sets the TEXINPUTS environment variable but always assumes the : path separator. This is valid on POSIX but not on Windows, which uses a semicolon ; because : is the drive-letter delimiter.. I think this is the most likely candidate for the TeXLive problem. A little Google search shows that kpathsea looks for that trailing.

The comments on lines 1393-1401 list Environment variables and default values on UNIX. The install dir is listed as /usr/local/texlive. The user config files should be in ~/.texlive2017/, leaving them likely will not cause any issues. rm -rf /usr/local/texlive should remove the program TeX Live is intended to be a straightforward way to get up and running with the TeX document production system. It provides a comprehensive TeX system with binaries for most flavors of Unix, including GNU/Linux, macOS, and also Windows. Write-Debug Setting Environment variables TEXLIVE_INSTALL_ENV_NOCHECK and TEXLIVE_INSTALL_NO_WELCOME. TeX Live includes pdftex and pdflatex, which are extensions They introduce many more environment variables, but provide default search paths in configuration files, cache-file searching, and recursive directory searching, so that the environment variables are not needed by most users..

Installing TeX Live over the Internet. TeX Live 2021 was released on April 1. For typical needs, we recommend starting the TeX Live installation by downloading install-tl-windows.exe for Windows (~20mb), or install-tl-unx.tar.gz (~5mb) for everything else. There is also a zip archive install-tl.zip (~25mb) which is the same as the .exe.Although the .zip archive works fine on all platforms, the. Environment variables. Under system variables nd Path and click on Edit. Enter the path to the MiKTEX folder containing programs in front of the PATH variable followed by a semi colon. For me, the rst part of my PATH variables looks like: C:\\Program Files\\MiKTeX 2.9\\miktex\\bin; (...) Reboot the computer and you are done Update the PATH s and further environment variables. Setting up R and LATEX explained in pictures Install a L A T E X environment (e.g., TeX Live available by installing the texlive-full). Install compilers and other development packages (r-base-dev packages). Installing R Environment variables modified, or new variables exported in ~/.profile will be available to every shell and don't need to be additionally set elsewhere. Also note that you should not source /etc/bash.bashrc in ~/.bashrc, because /etc/bash.bashrc is already sourced by every interactive shell first*, and we use ~/.bashrc to make subsequent. T e X Live ISO Images. This directory contains the ISO image for the official T e X Live release; md5 and sha512 checksums are provided, and the sha checksum is GPG-signed. The generic names (texliveYYYY.iso and texlive.iso) are symlinks to the dated release .iso

Specify the respective directories. TEXLIVE_INSTALL_PREFIX defaults to /usr/local/texlive, while TEXLIVE_INSTALL_TEXDIR defaults to the release directory within that prefix, e.g., /usr/local/texlive/2016. All the defaults can be seen by running the installer interactively and then typing D for the directory menu It will automatically set your emacs exec-path to be same as the PATH in your zsh/bash config. If your environment variables are being set in ~/.bash_profile, Create a file called ~/.emacs_bash and put in it the following: Don't forget the newline at the end of that line or it won't be executed. ~/.emacs_bash is loaded by emacs when you run. .2. I've added D:\texlive\2014\bin\win32 to my environment variable. In addition, in the traditionalBuilder.py file, I have the following commands: as a last resort, add the texlive binary path to your environment variables. This last shouldn't be necessary though. Copy link Quote reply Author romerFin commented Jan 30, 2015 The Ada.Environment_Variables package allows an Ada program to read, write and modify environment variables. Exactly what constitutes an environment variable is implementation defined. All the code in this article is compiled and executed on a Slackware Linux system. The compiler used is GNATMAKE GPL 2008 (20080521) @geirha's answer (with Rob's comment on MANPATH) resolves this except for the INFOPATH variable. Though I imagine it is not often used by users(?), does anyone know the correct location to set that? Should it also be /etc/environment ? - belacqua Feb 5 '11 at 19:2

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  1. However I use this only for setting up the Latex path. All other purpose could be easily solved using this trick if you know that the solution is to setting up an environment variable. Hope this information helps. Tags: KDE, KDE Path, TexLive, Latex, Kile, Kile With TexLive 201
  2. Overall, building the TEX Live programs, when using all libraries from the TL source tree, requires C and C++11 compilers and GNU make. If make from your PATH is not GNU make, you can set the MAKE environment variable to whatever is necessary. GNU make is required only because of some third-party libraries, notably FreeType; al
  3. TeX Live is a TeX distribution which is the replacement of its no-longer supported counterpart teTeX. It is now the default TeX distribution for several Linux distributions such as Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu and Gentoo. Other Unix operating systems like OpenBSD, FreeBSD and NetBSD are also converting from teTeX to TeX Live.
  4. (6) And the last trick was that Windows was defining an environment variable. TEXMFCNF=C:\Program Files\TeXLive\texmf-var\web2c. which was misleading texconfig. Whether this was the problem or the whole path was the problem I'm not sure, so I cleaned up both. I just added. unset TEXMFCNF. to my .bash_profile as well

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The environment variable CWEBINPUTS is used to search for the input files, or the system default if CWEBINPUTS is not set. See tex(1) for the details of the searching. To avoid conflicts with other programs that also use the CWEBINPUTS environment, you can be more specific and use CWEBINPUTS_cweb for special requirements in CWEB The script will do some checking before changing texmf.cnf to ensure that the parameters are correct. The current texmf.cnf will be backed up with timestamp appended like e.g. texmf.cnf--2008-10-20.19:43:05. Use ls-R or not. Each texmf tree can have a file called ls-R at the top level, which can help to speed up searching if the texmf tree is large. But using ls-R is not always the best option. Edit 3: Maybe we are getting closer to the solution! Those are screenshots of System properties -> Environment variables. Look at the PATH there. Any ideas which path should I add there? Perhaps path into bin directory of TexLive? Unfortunately I am forced to delete previous picture since I cannot post more than 8 TeX Live will look in two places within your home directory for your personal LaTeX classes, fonts, and include files, namely: ~/.texlive[yyyy]/ ~/texmf/ where [yyyy] is the year in which the current version of TeX Live was released. Given that this changes with every version of TeX Live, it is best to use ~/texmf/

TeX Live ISO Images. This directory contains the ISO image for the official T. e. X Live release; md5 and sha512 checksums are provided, and the sha checksum is GPG-signed. The generic names (texliveYYYY.iso and texlive.iso) are symlinks to the dated release .iso. The T Added path = C:\Program Files\gs\gs9.24\bin to environment variable Restarted Sublime Text 3 (Build 3176) + LaTeXTools and it worked. On Windows 10 (Version 1809: OS build 17763.55) and using Texlive 2018. Also I've changed before: In: Preferences > Package Settings > LaTeX Tools > Settings - User Under heading windows changed distro to texlive Ensure that you use the straight apostrophe in the expression, not some accent or typographic single quote. Then save the file by C-x C-s, close Emcas with C-x C-c, and the setup is completed. The installation was successful, if when opening a .tex file in the menu bar new entries Preview, LaTeX and Ref appear.. If you want faster and smaller preview images, you have to get.

But if you had a MANPATH variable defined, it's likely to be different from the default value. There's no magic way to obtain the previous value of an environment variable. If you set it in this shell session, the previous setting might still be in your shell history; try searching for a previous assignment (e.g. Ctrl+R MANPATH= in bash or zsh. The result should be a package in /tmp (or the directory you've specified through the TMPDIR environment variable), named texlive-YYYYX-i386-1.txz, where YYYY is as usual the TeX Live's version, and X is a lower letter dynamically attributed to distinguish a snapshot from another

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There are a number of environment variables missing from the list. These are the ones I found going through the setting file: _LIMIT LISTEN_ADDRESS PROCESS_LIFE_SPAN_LIMIT_MS SENTRY_DSN SMOKE_TEST SQLITE_PATH SYNCTEX_BIN_HOST_PATH TEXLIVE_IMAGE TEX_LIVE_IMAGE_NAME_OVERRIDE TEXLIVE_IMAGE_USER TEXLIVE_OPENOUT_ANY. If so, you could put it in a new directory or let tex know with the TEXINPUTS environment variable. 6EA3 F3F3 B908 2632 A9CB E931 D53A 0445 B47A 0DAB Great things come in tar.xz packages Quiero eliminar texlive de mi PATHdespués de eliminarlo con rm -rf comando y he eliminado la ruta de texlive en .bashrc servidores environment-variables Shell config files such as ~/.bashrc, ~/.bash_profile, and ~/.bash_ are often suggested for setting environment variables. While this may work on Bash shells for programs started from the shell, variables set in those files are not available by default to programs started from the graphical environment in a desktop session

After I put add directory of texlive in the system environment variable PATH, and REBOOT the system, the Rstudio can find pdflatex finally! However, if someone knows. 7.3 Uninstalling TeX Live. The uninstall procedure is available either from the TeXLive.exe program, from the TeXLive menu or from the control panel (Start Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs). This procedure will cleanup your hard disk of most of the TeX Live files On Windows, the PATH environment variable may need to be modified to include the directories containing the latex, dvipng and ghostscript executables. See Environment Variables and Setting environment variables in Windows for details. A limitation on Windows causes the backend to keep file handles that have been opened by your application open

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  1. imum texlive-2011-MEDIUM.sfs (177 MB) has LaTeX and recommended packages texlive-2011-TETEX.sfs (334 MB) famous TeTeX distribution texlive-2011-FULLAPP.sfs (551 MB) full Texlive sans docs and source texlive-2011-FULL.sfs (1489 MB) full TexLive Package texlive-2011-DOC-SRC.sfs (939 MB) Docs and Sourcecod
  2. in my ~/.profile but the value of the variable changes when I log out and in again. I might add some checks to the setting but first I'd like to know if setting the INFOPATH variable is the right way to add new directories of Info manuals. Also, is the PATH set in a similar way to the MANPATH, i.e. without actually looking at the environment.
  3. The syntax for setting the environment variables, and the initialization file to put them in, dependsontheshellyouuse. IfyouuseaBourne-compatibleshell(sh,bash,ksh,etal.),putth
  4. LATEX Distribution:TEX Live The LATEX distribution is the core of the system. It contains the most important programs needed for generation of PDF and Environment variables allow to set paths or generally strings in-dependent of particular applications, and use them with all applications. Fo

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<D> directories: <1> TEXDIR /util/texlive-20100512, <R> return to main menu; Other actions: <I> start installation to hard disk; Watch all 2077 components of Tex Live install. Make this current Tex Live the system default: [lethe] /util% sudo ln -s texlive-20100512 texlive Note ENVIRONMENT To let you change files, texconfig will open the editor specified in the VISUAL or EDITOR variables, or sensible-editor if both are unset. SEE ALSO whiptail(1), dialog(1), tlmgr(1), tex(1), mf(1), vi(1), EDITOR environment variable. AUTHOR Thomas Esse PATH and further environment variables Presumably the most important step after the installation procedures is to update the PATH environment variable. 2.Install a LATEX environment (e.g., TeX Live available by installing the texlive-full). 3.Install compilers and other development packages (r-base-dev packages) can be used which is usually given by the environment variable TEXMFLOCAL. After the files are copied to this location the file name database of TEX might need to be updated. This can be done with TeX Live by running texhash <path>or mktexlsr <path>. MikTeX provides a graphical interface to refresh its file nam

Whether to delete the ' texlive.tlpdb.HASH ' files (where HASH is an MD5 hash) under the ' tlpkg ' directory of the root directory of TeX Live after updating. action: On Unix, add/remove symlinks of binaries to/from the system's PATH. On Windows, add/remove the path to the TeXLive binary directory to/from the system environment variable. TeX Live ISO Images ----- This directory contains the ISO image for the official TeX Live release; md5 and sha512 checksums are provided, and the sha checksum is GPG-signed. The generic names (texliveYYYY.iso and texlive.iso) are symlinks to the dated release .iso. please check your environment variables: settings, including PATH, that end. TeX Live 2021 released. Get the Champagne ready, we have released the final images of TeX Live 2021. For this year's release process we have changed how to deal with updates of the tlnet distribution for TeX Live 2020 during the preparation: Due to many complaints in the last year that the freeze period of 1-2 months which we need to get all.

TeX Live 2019 released. After a few days of testing of the gold images of the DVDs, we have now officially announced the release of TeX Live 2019. The DVDs are already being burnt and will soon be sent to the various TeX User groups who ordered. The .iso image is available on CTAN, and the net installer will pull all the newest stuff or set the variable permanently as a Windows environment variable. Sometimes, when behind a firewall, port 873 may be closed for outgoing TCP connections. If port 22 is open for ssh connections, a trick that can be used is to connect to a computer located somewhere outside of the firewall and to tunnel port 873 (using the program nc ) TeX Live from source Dependencies Recommended ghostscript-9.22 including libgs.so (for dvisvgm, which is used by e.g. asymptote-2.41), X Window System. The source ships with its own versions of many libraries, and will use them unless it is forced to use the system versions. The following are recommended so that the system version will be used: Fontconfig-2.12.6, FreeType-2.9, GC-7.6.4. texlive-unix-arlatex.cfg. This is a variant of texlive-unix.cfg that uses arlatex instead of gzip to archive files. arlatex is a script included in the bundledoc distribution that generates a self-extracting .tex file based on LaTeX's filecontents environment. Notes Including and excluding file

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Universal environment variables with pam_env. Mar 31, 2017. One of the minor annoyances of working in Unix-land is the variety of ways to set user environment variables: .zshenv, .bash_profile, .profile, .xinitrc, and so forth.Depending on where you set them, your variables may be visible in interactive shells, shells, X applications, or some strange mixture Installation of TeX Live Install TeX Live by running the following commands: The shared libraries will be installed into a texlive directory. As the root user, add it to your /etc/ld.so.conf: cat >> /etc/ld.so.conf << EOF # Begin texlive 2015 addition /opt/texlive/2015/lib # End texlive 2015 addition EO

TeX Live from source Dependencies Recommended ghostscript-9.26 including libgs.so (for dvisvgm, which is used by e.g. asymptote-2.47), X Window System. The source ships with its own versions of many libraries, and will use them unless it is forced to use the system versions. The following are recommended so that the system version will be used: Fontconfig-2.13.1, FreeType-2.9.1, GC-8.0.2. If an environment variable by these names are set, the corresponding `texmf.cnf' definition won't be looked at (unless, as usual, the environment variable value has an extra `:'). See section Default expansion. For the font variables, the intent is that: TEXFONTS is the default for everything To activate the Physics TeXLive environment, use the command: module load texlive <note warning>If you don't use the module load command, you may just get the default Scientific Linux LaTeX distribution, because it's installed as a dependency from other packages. But we don't support it, so please don't try to use it, and don't become confused by finding style files, etc beneath /usr/share.

The environment variable PATH should reference the directory which contains the MiKTeX executables.. Windows, Linux. The environment variable PATH is usually correctly set when you install MiKTeX on a computer running Windows or Linux.. macOS. MiKTeX executables can be found. in ~/bin, if you have installed MiKTeX for your private use; or in /usr/local/bin, if you have installed MiKTeX system-wid Set environment variable : BIBEXE = xxx\bin\win32\bibtex.exe where xxx is your TexLive folder (e.g. C:\texlive\2011) Either one of the following: Set environment variable : OPENOUT_ANY= r Add one line at the end of xxx\texmf.cnf containing OPENOUT_ANY = r; Start Word. If Word is already running, you must close all Word windows and restart it Re: TeX Live and vim-latexsuite PATH problems You are right, logging in to a tty and starting X manually does result in having now the missing texlive directory in PATH. But, running a shell seems not to work I also noticed that klatexformula is unable to locate dvisvgm in standard texlive installation (C:\texlive\2014\bin\win32\dvisvgm.exe, the directory is in system path and dvisvgm.exe works when called in windows cmd) so I had to manually create KLF_USCONFIG_dvisvgm environment variable See Environment Variables and Setting environment variables in windows for details. Configuring an unicode-math environment can be a bit tricky. The TeXLive distribution for example provides a set of math fonts which are usually not installed system-wide. XeTeX,.

Once the installation is complete, you must setup the PATH environment variable so the terminal knows where the Tex Live binary programs are located - e.g. when you run latex fileName.tex or pdflatex fileName.tex in the terminal then the terminal uses the PATH environment variable to find the latex and. TeX Live from source Dependencies Recommended ghostscript-9.21 including libgs.so (for dvisvgm, which is used by e.g. asymptote-2.41), X Window System. The source ships with its own versions of many libraries, and will use them unless it is forced to use the system versions. The following are recommended so that the system version will be used: Fontconfig-2.12.4, FreeType-2.8, GC-7.6.0. CWEB in TeX Live operates silently by default (as of 2019); use the --verbose option to get the original behavior. • File lookup with the environment variable CWEBINPUTS is extended to permit several, colon-separated, paths. • If properly configured, the main programs ctangle and cweave are localized with the GNU gettext utilities

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Toggle quote (6 lines) > This is because it was added (on 'master') after the big TeX Live update > in 85892948bd9fb5fcc3409a60204cc8b14a4eb030 (on 'core-updates. I'm trying to use tlmgr from texlive to install extra LaTeX styles. I installed texlive-most, but tlmgr isn't found. As far I can remember, tlmgr need TEXLIVE environment variable to works. Here is my note [1] on texlive manual installation, I hope it give some hints Using a custom distribution for Manim based on Texlive¶ This is the smallest latex distribution just enough to run Manim. Extra latex packages for fonts can be installed using tlmgr (Thus the name 'TeX Live', in fact.) It is not possible to run TeX directly from the inst CD (see section 2.1 on p. 10). To run live under Windows, from the menu, chose Explore CD-Rom, then Run TeX off CD-Rom. This will launch the XEmacs editor. XEmacs startup file will set the environment variables needed The function install_tinytex() downloads and installs TinyTeX, a custom LaTeX distribution based on TeX Live. The function uninstall_tinytex() removes TinyTeX; reinstall_tinytex() reinstalls TinyTeX as well as previously installed LaTeX packages by default; tinytex_root() returns the root directory of TinyTeX if found

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MiKTeX and TeX Live can be installed in parallel if you observe the following. MiKTeX and TeX Live shouldn't share the same bin directories. On Windows, this is usually not an issue. You have to adjust the environment variable PATH in order to switch between MiKTeX and TeX Live. Alternatively, you can use absolute path names To temporarily allow all unfree packages, you can use an environment variable for a single invocation of the nix tools: $ export NIXPKGS_ALLOW_UNFREE=1 It is possible to permanently allow individual unfree packages, while still blocking unfree packages by default using the allowUnfreePredicate configuration option in the user configuration file.. This option is a function which accepts a. Update environment variables so that sysquakelatextool is found by the operating system and finds library files. This consists in adding the path of the directory containing sysquakelatextool to PATH , and setting a new environment variable SYSQUAKELXPATH to the semicolon-separated list of paths to library directories The last line is my proxy server responding when it hasn't been authenticated correctly. The thing is, I have the environment variable http_proxy set, but the installer is not respecting it. Edit: This issue also occurs when installing vanilla TeXLive from the .bat file. This issue seems to have cropped up recently Texlive Download (DEB, RPM, TGZ, TXZ) TeX Users Group Installing TeX Live over the Internet TeX Live 2019 was released on April 29. If they should apply to all users, create them in System Variables. So you first should check whether all environment variables suggested by this tutorial are set appropriately. The directory name should not

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Tex Live doesn't do anything sneaky like playing with the Windows Registry, installing stuff in Windows directories, etc. If you really want to get rid of every last trace of it, delete it from your environment PATH variable as well, but the overhead of not doing that is completely negligible. - alephzer Works for MacTeX 2021 on Big Sur, though it fires up my preferred editor TextMate, as it should :-)-O All environment variables et correctly? All config files in order Environment variables have to be configured, as an associative array with names of variables as keys, in the env property. Executable script is configured as a list of texts. They will be executed one by one. If any of them fails, execution stops. The list of Github accounts able to give commands to Rultor is specified in commanders. By default.

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SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH. SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH is a standardised environment variable that distributions can set centrally and have build tools consume this in order to produce reproducible output.. Before implementing this, you should scan through our checklist to see if you can avoid implementing it.. If you find that it's ideal for your use-case, please feel free to jump straight to our published. # pkg_add -p /usr/local/texlive texlive-shcheme-medium or any other directory. After that, you will need to include bin directory in your PATH environment variable. I haven't tested this, I don't know where texlive will look for it's files. So if it works let me know 12.1. Development installation¶. If you wish to develop GPIO Zero itself, we recommend obtaining the source by cloning the GitHub repository and then use the develop target of the Makefile which will install the package as a link to the cloned repository allowing in-place development (it also builds a tags file for use with vim/emacs with Exuberant's ctags utility) Download size. 58.72 KB. Installed size. 145.00 KB. Category. net. The telnet command is used for interactive communication with another host using the TELNET protocol. For the purpose of remote , the present client executable should be depreciated in favour of an ssh-client, or in some cases with variants like telnet-ssl or Kerberized.

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SageTeX and TeXLive¶ One potentially confusing issue is that the popular TeX distribution TeXLive 2009 includes SageTeX. This may seem nice, but with SageTeX, it's important that the Sage bits and LaTeX bits be synchronized - which is a problem in this case, since both Sage and SageTeX are updated frequently, and TeXLive is not The TeXLive package includes binaries of the most popular TeX programs, macros, and fonts for all operating systems. GitHub makes several environment variables available to the actions % an environment variable foo overrides any texmf.cnf definition of foo. % % All definitions are read before anything is expanded, so you can use % variables before they are defined. % % If a variable assignment is qualified with `.PROGRAM', it is ignored % unless the current executable (last filename component of argv[0]) is % named PROGRAM The default map file in TeX Live is pdftex.map, as defined in the configuration file. --help Show a help message and exit successfully.-l Select landscape mode. In other words, exchange the x and y dimensions of the paper.-m mag Magnify the input document by mag.-o filename Set the PDF output file name; use `-' for stdout