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Millones de Productos que Comprar! Envío Gratis en Productos Participantes Screen rotation is probably in your video driver software. Yeah, unfortunately this older Dell laptop doesn't offer any screen rotation. The thing that bugs me is that I swear there was an ELO touchscreen specific issue and fix. However, it's possible that my memory of it is slightly off When I touch the x's the pointer is about an inch towards the center of the screen. I used this sample below and put in my MatchProduct information plus 0 -1 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 for the TransformatioMatrix to rotate the touch 90 degrees cw. The calibration program appears to work but doesn't actually get the panel calibrated The connected ELO touch display works fine in landscape mode. Having the display being installed in clockwise rotated portrait format, led to switching the display mode to portrait via the System Settings > Displays dialog, similar to this resolution change description The Elo 1002L 10-inch widescreen LED touchscreen monitor delivers a seamless zero-bezel, edge-to-edge glass design with Elo's industry-leading TouchPro® PCAP technology. The sleek, low-profile, retail-hardened touchscreen features a 10-touch tablet-like experience and an anti-glare surface built to withstand the rigors of continuous public.

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  1. I have the ELO 3200L touchscreen. I have a standalone PC running windows 7 SP1 (not connected to internet). Powerpoint presentation running as a kiosk. When the PC and touchscreen are rebooted, everthing works fine for about 1 day. Then when you touch the screen, it registers that you've touched the screen, just not as a click
  2. Elo Interactive Digital Signage (IDS) Touchmonitors with Computer Option. Digital Signage Touch Displays offer versatility across multiple market segments by engaging the user through interactivity with the software. High Definition touch screens. Aspect-ratio, 16:9 (also available with COMPUTER
  3. This training video is useful for situations when ELO touchscreen becomes unresponsive at the point of sale. If the touchscreen pointer becomes misaligned w..
  4. Elo backs every Elo touchscreen product and solution, before and after the sale. Support. Technical Support Addresses questions on drivers (installing, removing, supporting files), hardware (screens, monitors, controllers, peripherals) as well as troubleshooting procedures and general system issues

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Search our library of knowledge base articles. Download touch drivers, firmware updates, and SDKs. Login to your EloView® account or check out new features. You can also process Elo product warranties Rotate the screen on an iPhone or iPod touch with a Home button Swipe up from the bottom edge of your screen to open Contol Center. Tap the Portrait Orientation Lock button to make sure that it's off. Turn your iPhone or iPod touch sideways Elo 1000 Series 1515L LCD Desktop Touchscreen Montior - 15-Inch - 5-Wire Resistive - 1024 x 768-4:3 - Dark Gray 4.2 out of 5 stars 26 Elo 1717L 17 iTouch Touch Screen Monitor, Serial and USB Interface, Zero Bezel, Black . . Elo Touch E603162 1715L 17-inch AccuTouch 5-Wire Resistive POS Touch Screen Monitor. Panel: Active Matrix, TFT LCD Aspect Ratio: 5:4 Recommended Resolution: 1280 x 1024 Viewing Angle: Horizontal: +/- 85 degree or 170 degree total Vertical: +/- 80 degree or 160 degree total Model #: E603162 Return Policy: View Return Policy $719.41

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When a touch screen software is installed on an Elo monitor and the touch targets for calibration are not visible, target locations can be defined in an auxiliary file. Target locations for every monitor can be defined in a configuration file, EloTarget.conf. Contact Elo Application Engineering for availability and details on how to use this file You can rotate the screen 90 degrees (as we did in this tutorial) and the power connector will be at the bottom of the screen, but you can also rotate it 270 degrees so that the power connector is at the top of the screen. To do this, simply enter fbtft_device.rotate=270 in the /boot/cmdline.txt file In Windows 10, your default settings wont allow your screen to auto rotate The Elo 0702L 7-inch touchscreen monitor offers the same seamless design that spans the entire Elo 02-Series lineup. With a form factor only half an inch thin and a design tailored for ease of integration, the 0702L thrives in customer-facing installations in point-of-sale, brand-loyalty, point-of- information, signage and hospitality applications

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So I searched online, and tried adding lcd_rotate=2 in the file /boot/config.txt, but when I reboot, my screen was a bunch of vertical lines. So I found that if I used display_lcd_rotate=2 did rotate the screen 180 degrees, but the touchscreen interface did not rotate. I have not found any solution online to rotate both together Elo Touch E326942 Elo, 1790L, 17-Inch LCD (Led Backlight), Open Frame, Hdmi, Vga and Display Port Video Interface, Intellitouch, Worldwide-Version, Anti-Glare, No Power Brick 17-inch HDMI Resistive Touch Screen POS LED Monitor with VGA and HDMI Port and Cable, for Office, Retail, Restaurant, Bar, Gym, Warehous Revision T and earlier of the Elo TouchTools driver CD did not have MS Windows Vista support. If a Revision T or earlier CD was used to try to install the touchscreen drivers, the Windows NT driver was installed by default on the computer and it is not compatible with Windows Vista on the screen to install a generic Plug-and-Play monitor. Elo TouchSystems touchscreen driver software that allows your touch-monitor to work with your computer is located on the enclosed CD. The latest versions of drivers and driver information for all operating systems, including those that are not included with the CD, are avail Public Content. If the touch screen is not working at all (nothing happens when touching the screen), make sure the touch is enabled. To check if the touch-screen has been disabled, right-click on the ELO icon in system tray. If it is disabled there will be an entry called Enable Touch. Clicking this will enable the touch screen

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Elo 1717L 17 iTouch Touch Screen Monitor, Serial and USB Interface, Zero Bezel, Black (151067A) $689.26 $ 689. 26. FREE Shipping. More Buying Choices $653.41 (2 new offers) TYCO Elo 1715L LCD Touchscreen Monitor - 17 - 5-wire Resistive - 1280 x 1024 - 5:4 - Dark Gray - DUAL SER/USBPower Brick sold separately E603162 That is when i purchased the Elo touch screen because it did have a W7 driver. The Elo works very well with all applications. Read more. 3 people found this helpful. Helpful. Report abuse. Carl G Wilson. 5.0 out of 5 stars Great POS monitor. Reviewed in the United States on October 27, 2017 The Elo portfolio encompasses the broadest selection of OEM touch screen components, touch monitors, and all-in-one touch computers for the demanding requirements of diverse markets, including.

Elo Touchscreen Configuration screen. Projected Capacitive Touch Technology When connected to Windows 7 or 8 computers, the touchmonitor can report 10 simultaneous touches. When connected to Windows XP computers, the touchmonitor reports single touches When Raspberry Pi players need to do touch screen rotation for portrait application, they often encounter the problem that the display image has been changed to portrait mode, but the touch position has not been rotated synchronously. This is because the touch position of the Raspberry Pi touch screen must be redefined by Transformation Matrix Elo Touch monitor 15 Led backlight screen One Point Touch and mouse emulator. Usb and serial interface Elo's 65-inch 4K touchscreen display makes it easy to add interactivity to any environment. Perfect for everything from endless aisle and brand experiences to collaborative meetings, conferencing and whiteboarding, the 6553L offers a sleek, slim design built to withstand the rigors of continuous commercial use

ELO 1715L Touch Screen Monitor Setup Connecting the Elo Touch Screen to the computer 1) The Elo Touch Screen comes with multiple monitor cables. You will need to look at the back of your computer to see if you are using the correct one. One monitor cable has a blue connector and the other is green If the Rotation Lock tile appears grayed out, you must put your convertible PC into tablet mode—for example, by rotating its screen around or by detaching its screen from the keyboard. Rotation Lock isn't available in standard laptop mode, as the screen will never automatically rotate itself in standard laptop mode

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Showing iTunes and running on Elo touch screen Elo Touch Solutions. Elo has been a global leader in touchscreen technology for many years. The pioneer of the touchscreen, Elo now has 20+ million retail and hospitality installations in 80+ countries with products designed in California and built to last with a three-year standard warranty. The Elo touchscreen experience has consistently. ELO Touch Screen Monitors15″ - 22″. Elo founders pioneered the touch screen over 40 years ago. Today, Elo Touch Solutions is a leading global supplier of touch-enabled technology, products and industry solutions. The Elo touch experience has consistently stood for quality, reliability and innovation with over 20 million installations. See the complete line of Elo touchscreen Monitors. Learn more

How to rotate screen disabling rotation lock on Windows 10 If you're using a tablet or 2-in-1 device, and rotating the device doesn't rotate the screen, you may need to change the system settings The Elo Touch Solutions 2201L is a flexible, space-saving, Hi-Def, wide-aspect ratio 22 LCD touchmonitor well-suited to meet durability and aesthetic requirements for front-of-store, back office, kiosk, and even out-of-store applications. The Elo 2201L offers real versatility for a variety of retail and interactive hospitality solutions including Elo 1502L 15 Inch Retail Touch Screen Monitor: The Elo 1502L Touchscreen Monitor is designed with the same seamless style that spans across the entire line up of 02-Series Monitors. With a compact form factor and clean design for easy integration, the Elo 1502L offers the flexibility to install as a traditional POS terminal or a customer facing. Elo 2495L Touchscreen. Elo's 2495L 23.8-inch interactive open frame delivers the sleek design the 90-Series is known for with outstanding brightness. At almost 3x brighter than the 2494L, the brilliant 2495L TouchPro PCAP display offers edge-to-edge glass for ease of..

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These maximize the visible screen you can see and touch and minimize the frame around the edges. Products: Their product range includes touchscreen monitors for computers of all types, tablets, point-of-sale systems, and point-of-information signage 1529L POS Touch Screen Monitor. The Elo TouchSystems 1529L has reached end of life. It has been replaced by the Elo TouchSystems 1523L. This product replaces the older Elo TouchSystems 1522L. The 1529L 15 inch touch monitor was designed for touch from the ground up. It features a stable tilt stand which helps keep the screen from wobbling when.

Necessity: Rotate Screen Windows 10. In Windows, you are allowed to rotate screen, which is extremely useful if you are the users who have a screen with a rotating stand (e.g. on 2-in-1 devices like Surface Pro or Surface Book). The screen rotation in Windows 10 is also an important part of tablets and laptops with touch screens Designed for commercial use, the 2202L 22 16:9 Touchscreen TFT Monitor from Elo Touch features an intuitive touchscreen interface with a 1920 x 1080 resolution and a 1000:1 contrast ratio to ensure images are displayed clearly. This monitor is compatible with the 100 x 100mm VESA mount standard, making it easy to install it on desks, tables, and more

Screen rotation on most tablets is determined by the manufacturer's graphics card drivers. If the driver supports it, there might be an option to rotate the screen in Personalization option or the graphics card control panel depending on the graphics card manufacturer. It would be best if you contact the manufacturer for more help with the same The ability to rotate the screen output is useful is when you are using a monitor vertically, or the display is mounted upside down. Needing to rotate the screen output of your Raspberry Pi is a task often required when dealing with cases for the official Raspberry Pi touchscreen Out of stock. Elo 2294L 21.5 Open-frame LCD Touchscreen Monitor, 16:9, 14 ms. No reviews. 0. $632.89. 1Each. Compare. Out of stock. ELO Desktop Touchscreen 1517L AccuTouch Zero-Bezel E144246 15 LED Monitor, Black Rotate the screen of Windows with a single click! This is a simple application that allows you to rotate the screen of Windows without using the system settings or the properties of the graphics card or keyboard shortcuts. Particularly useful for tablets without motion sensor. EVERYONE Elo offers a complete PCAP solution including touch screen, controllers, drivers for various operating systems and software utilities resulting in shorter development and integration time. The complete integration guide provides guidelines to simplify integration and avoid typical issues such as EMI from sources such as the power supply or LCD.

Elo E829550 15In. 16:9 Touchscreen LCD Monitor - Black. 5 out of 5 stars. (3) Total Ratings 3, $487.74 New. $150.00 Used. 15 Inch Touch Screed LED 1024 X 768 Vga/ HDMI Monitor With Stand Pitney Bowes. $90.00 New. 19 Inch Sagetech Touch Screen Techscreen LCD VGA Monitor POS System The touchscreen controller (chip inside the touchscreen) tells the OS that it is a HID mouse device rather than a HID touch device, which is a relatively new HID device category. If the Elo-specific driver (XP/Vista/7) is installed, the OS USB-HID driver will give it control of the touchscreen and it does not support gestures or multi-touch Rotate Screen with Display Settings Menu. If, for some reason, the shortcut keys don't work (and they should), try this method. 1. Right click on the desktop and select Display settings. 2

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Designed for commercial use, the 2702L 27 16:9 Touchscreen TFT Monitor from Elo Touch features an intuitive touchscreen interface with a 1920 x 1080 resolution and a 1000:1 contrast ratio to ensure images are displayed clearly. This monitor is compatible with the 100 x 100mm VESA mount standard, making it easy to install it on desks, tables, and more Add a touchscreen display to your point-of-sale or other installation with the Elo Touch 1302L 13 Class Full HD POS Touchscreen Display.It has a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 with a typical brightness rating of up to 270 cd/m² and a contrast ratio of 800:1 to help colors and text appear clear and legible in most installation settings To flip the raspberry pi touch screen back from upside down, open a terminal and type in the following command: sudo bash -c echo -e '\n#Rotate touch screen 180\nlcd_rotate=2' >> /boot/config.txt. This should add the line lcd_rotate=2 to your /boot/config.txt file, and if you do a restart, your raspberry pi should now boot up with the right. 3,343 elo touch screen products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.com, of which touch screen monitors accounts for 21%, display modules accounts for 9%, and mobile phone lcds accounts for 1%. A wide variety of elo touch screen options are available to you, such as call center and on-line technical support, others

Using Screen Rotation Lock on the iPad . While the iPad runs a very similar operating system to the iPhone and iPod touch, its screen rotation works a little differently. For one, the home screen on all iPad models can rotate. For another, the setting is controlled a bit differently on some models Right click or press and hold on an empty area on your desktop, click/tap on Screen resolution. Check the Allow the screen to auto-rotate box, and click/tap on OK. Unlock Screen Auto-Rotation in Charm Settings. Refer to these step: Open the Charms bar, and click/tap on Settings. Click/tap on the Screen button Free 2-day shipping. Buy 4K Portable Monitor Touchscreen, UPERFECT Gravity Sensor Automatic Rotate 15.6'' Slimmest 10-Point Touch UHD 3840x2160 Dual USB C Monitor Bracket Integrated & Frameless Bezel Glass HD Laptop Display at Walmart.co Ropa y Zapatos a Precios Bajos! Envío Gratis en Pedidos de $599

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Elo touchscreen Pointer Movements Reversed. I have a Elo 1939L 19 Rear-Mount Touchmonitor which is behaving oddly: touch the screen and the pointer moves left for right, right for left, up for down and down for up and stays about 1/3 of the screen away from where you actually touch. All cases using the USB cable (a serial is provided but I've. Installing USB Touch Driver for Acoustic Pulse Recognition Monitors Insert the ELO APR CD-ROM in your computer's CD-ROM driver. Follow the directions on the screen to complete the APR 2.0 driver setup. 1 Click Start > Run. 2 Click the Browse button to locate the SW600117.exe program on the CD-ROM. 3 Click Open, then OK to run SW600117.exe 1991L 19 LCD WVA Open Frame HDMI VGA Display Port P-Ca. Manufacturer: ELO Touch. Category: Touch Screen Monitors. SKU: E331019. Availability: Call. MSRP: $675.00. Quick Quote. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS. The Elo 1991L 19-inch open-frame LCD touchscreen features a slim design and narrow outside dimensions due to the state-of-the-art, energy-saving LED.

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If you're using a touchscreen, skip this step. If you have a value for dtoverlay that contains the rotate=90 command, change that value to your desired rotation:. dtoverlay=pitft35-resistive,rotate=90,speed=20000000,fps=20. Note: The dtoverlay value likely won't be the same as the lcd_rotate value. For example, the default normal screen rotation would be rotate=90, lcd_rotate=0 my kichen pc monitor is an ELO Intellit ouch screen. worked awesome as a touchscreen for 5 or 6 yrs with winxp and 7. I assumed wi Win10 the enabled tablet function would work. it doesnt. Even wi tablet off the touchscreen doesnt . ELO says the win7 drivers should work. i can find the ELO program but the apps wont run from it I have a Elo Touch Screen monitor and I can do it on the physical PC but I have 100 PC I need to do it to so I'm wondering how to do it with either a startup/logon script or through GP somehow. I have tried disabling the Windows Audio Service and setting the HKCU/Control Panel/Beep registry setting to off and it still beeps

Official touchscreen is upside down. An update has been pushed to Raspberry Pi OS to flip the screen (rotate it by 180 degrees) for a better desktop viewing angle. This makes it upside-down in most stands/frames/cases, so you'll need to change a setting to flip it back. To do this, open the config.txt file by using the following command in a. 19 Inch Elo 19C2 All In One Touch Screen Computer Elo ESY19C2 POS Point of Sale. $159.95. Free shipping. Seller 99.8% positive. ELO ET1515L 15 Touch POS Retail LCD Touch Screen Monitor VGA. $114.99 + shipping. Seller 99.8% positive. Elo Touchscreen 22 LCD Touch POS Monitor ET22936 Broken Screen and Digitizer Ah the touchscreen ─ that piece of hardware that promises to finally strip humanity of an interface very much long in the tooth. I'm talking about the mouse. It's that piece of technology that is being threatened with extinction, thanks to the touchscreen. And with good reason. Once you've used the touchscreen, you fully understand [ The 15 Elo 1517L is built to withstand the punishment of continuous public use with a rugged built for touch design. This touch screen monitor from Elo is well suited for high use public venues where point-of-sale, point-of-service, point-of-information, countertop and shelf-level interactive digital signage and loyalty systems are found

How to fix screen auto-rotation problems on Windows 10 Disconnecting peripherals. If you're using a 2-in-1 device like the Surface Pro, accessories, such as a detachable keyboard or dock can cause. I have several Elo ET4202L so I made a quick touch Presentation and connected everything up and it worked with the USB-A connector direct and through a Pluggable 4 port powered USB hub. Also tried the 1024 with a Samsung touch screen and that worked. I hooked up the LS424 to the same Elo via that USB-C to USB-A/3.5mm adapter and that worked also (In reply to comment #4) $ ./evtest /dev/input/event3 Input driver version is 1.0.0 Input device ID: bus 0x3 vendor 0x4e7 product 0x20 version 0x100 Input device name: Elo TouchSystems, Inc. Elo TouchSystems 2700 IntelliTouch(r) USB Touchmonitor Interface Supported events: Event type 0 (Sync) Event type 1 (Key) Event code 272 (LeftBtn) Event type 3 (Absolute) Event code 0 (X) Value 188 Min 0.

Enjoy a 10-point multi-touch tablet-like experience with the M-Series 2002L 19.5 LCD Touchscreen Monitor with tilting desktop stand from Elo Touch.Boasting a zero-bezel, edge-to-edge glass design, this LED-backlit computer monitor offers Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, a 1000:1 contrast ratio, and a 20 ms response time in addition to 10-point multi-touch functionality Details. Elo E863464 19 Inch AccuTouch Surface Wave Touch Screen Glass (Touch Glass Only. More Information. More Information. Manufacturer. ELO. Screen Size (diagonal) 19 Inch. Reviews

1990L 19-Inch Open Frame Touch Screen 1280 X 1024 60Hz 5:4 Aspect Ratio Bulk. Manufacturer: Elo Touch Solutions. Product Category: Displays , Touch Screen Displays. Avnet Manufacturer Part #: E328497. Compare. Datasheet. Tariff Charges Tariff Charges maybe applied, for more information visit Avnet Tariff Information. Print Bookmark The Elo monitor line features a wide selection of touch screen displays at every price level for any application. From entry-level CRT monitors to slim-line LCD touch screens with 5-wire resistive technology, an Elo monitor continually innovates to meet the individualized needs of the retail, food service, and hospitality industries. The ever-popular AccuTouch, IntelliTouch, and new Accoustic. ELO Touchscreen Driver (using elographics) Ubuntu includes an Xorg xserver input driver in the package xserver-xorg-input-elographics for Dapper, Feisty, Gutsy, Hardy, Intrepid and Jaunty (for x86 and x86_64). This will work with many of the ELO touch-screen drivers, both serial and USB. E271-2210 and E271-2200 devices are supported Elo touch screen equipment is present in the semiconductor, medical, gaming, POS and self-serve kiosk lines of business. Recognizing the market dominance of Elo touchscreens, we proudly specialize in cost-effective Elo touch screen repairs for all makes and models. Our factory trained technicians offer board level display monitor repairs and. Touch Screen Rotate. This document describes the process of configuring Linux, Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy (release 2008) on a IBM ThinkPad X41 Tablet, with my scripts and patches to download. ENABLE STYLUS /etc/X11/xorg.conf . #Uncomment if you have a wacom table

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For example, after you rotate the screen 90 degrees, when you move your finger up on the track pad, the cursor will go toward the top of the screen which means it will move from left to right. Needless to say this can be confusing, so be prepared for that. Having a Chromebook with a touchscreen makes this easier to correct The touch-screen display is well suited for point of sale, point of information, point of service. Display dimensions (with stand): 12.57H x 14.1W x 7.76D. 1.7 display thickness. Native (optimal) resolution: 1024 x 768. Offers 16.2 million colors. Analog VGA on female DB-15 connector The Action Center has a quick action tile that toggles auto-rotation on or off. To open it, click the notification icon on the taskbar at the bottom right corner of your screen, or press Windows+A. Click or tap the Rotation Lock tile at the bottom of the Action Center pane to enable Rotation Lock. This prevents your screen from.

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Designed for commercial use, the 2402L 24 16:9 Touchscreen TFT Monitor from Elo Touch features an intuitive touchscreen interface with a 1920 x 1080 resolution and a 1000:1 contrast ratio to ensure images are displayed clearly. This monitor is compatible with the 100 x 100mm VESA mount standard, making it easy to install it on desks, tables, and more ELO Touch Screen Computer Monitors. Best Match. ELO Mimo PLANAR ViewSonic Acer Asus HP HPE 3M AOC Dell Panasonic Philips V7 New 3 Not 4K Ultra HD Not Curved Yes No Yes 10.1 13.3 15 17 19 19.53 21.5 22 23.8 24 27 42 Everyday Gaming LCD LED 0 1 4 - 5.9 ms 6 - 9.9 ms Greater than 10 ms 0 1 1024 x 768 1280 x 1024 1920 x 1080 4:3 5:4 16:9 16:10. Get.

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How to Rotate an iPod Touch Screen. The iPod Touch's Wi-Fi capabilities and small, portable design make it an handy business tool. With it, you can browse the Web, view media items and run productivity apps. Like other iOS devices, the iPod Touch includes an automatic screen rotation feature that adjusts the. 2. Hello I am trying to create a code that rotates the camera in a 360 degree rotation where you can drag and look up and down and side to side kind of like a 360 video on youtube. But with this current script I am running into a issue that it seems to bring me back to a certain position. it snaps every time you tap it again I want it to be a. No reviews. Explore a world loaded with potentially vivid entertainment outcomes with the Elo Open-frame LCD Touchscreen Monitor. The 17 touchscreen highlights SXGA display with the resolution of up to 1280 x 1024 pixels. View all product Details & Specifications. $550.99. 1Each. Compare. Out of stock. Elo 2201L E382790 22 LED Monitor, Black Elo touch screen monitors are known for quality and are a mainstay in the touch monitor industry. The 1515L touch monitor is no exception and is a reliable addition to any POS, point-of-service, loyalty system, kiosk information system (KIS), interactive advertising display or guest check-in application

Rotate your phone 90 degrees to the right or left. Doing this should prompt your screen to follow suit; if the app you're in supports screen rotation, you should now be viewing the app in landscape mode! When rotating your phone, make sure you're holding it either upright (Portrait) or sideways (Landscape) with the screen facing you 1519L POS Touch Screen Monitor. The Elo TouchSystems 1519L has reached end of life. It has been replaced by the Elo TouchSystems 1502L 15in.. The widescreen 1519L 15 inch LCD touch monitor is an attractive display monitor, ideal for the business environment where presentation is key Screen Size: 22 Max Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Aspect Ratio:... Screen Size: 22. Max Resolution: 1920 x 1080. Aspect Ratio: 16:9. Color Support: 16.7 million colors. $289.99 $242.98. More Info. Elo Touch 1515L 15 Touchscreen LCD Monitor. Screen Size: 15 Max Resolution: 1024 x 768 Aspect Ratio:.. 02-Series Touch Monitor (7-15 in.) POS Touch Screen Monitor. This product replaces the older Elo TouchSystems 1502L 15in.. Elo's 02-Series line of touch monitors are designed with a clean and compact form for easy integration in any environment The Acer T272HL Widescreen Touch Screen Monitor has a 27-inch 16:9 display. The Full HD 1920x1080 pixels resolution offers you the joy of your favorite movies in a reality-inflicting quality. To achieve a higher response time, the manufacturer used here an up-to-date VA panel that boasts 300 cd/m2 brightness