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  1. Persian Grilled Joojeh Chicken Soltani with SaffronIngredients2 Onion2 cups yogurt1 tbs Turmeric1/2 tsp saffron1/2 tsp black pepper2 tbsp rosewaterEnjoymusic..
  2. At Shondiz we offer a variety of Persian grilled items such as Koobideh, Joojeh, Soltani, Barg and Chenjeh, in addition to our catering menu which includes a variety of other Persian dishes. These items are prepared with the highest quality ingredients such as Halal meat and genuine Persian Saffron
  3. Joojeh Soltani Two-skewer combination one Joojeh (chicken kabob) & one Koobideh (Ground beef). Served with Persian-steamed basmati rice & a grilled tomato $20.00. Stews. Ghormeh Sabzi A slow cooked stew of sautéed fresh herbs cilantro, parsley & green onion, special seasonings, kidney beans, dried lime & chunks of beef served with basmati ric
  4. The joojeh soltani entrée with marinated chicken and ground sirloin kebabs, basmati rice, grilled tomatoes and roasted Anaheim pepper. (Photos by Anna Wick) For Idean Farid, as the saying goes, the way to his future wife's heart was through her stomach. To hear him tell it, his version of baghali polo was the chef's kiss that sealed the.
  5. Joojeh Soltani (GF) 1 skewer of chicken kabob, 1 skewer of koobideh. Served with saffron, basmati rice and charbroiled tomatoes. $21.99 Salmon Shish Kabob (GF) Wild Alaskan salmon marinated with extra virgin olive oil and saffron. Served with Fava Beans saffron, basmati rice and charbroiled tomatoes
  6. ced onion, salt and pepper.. Joojeh (Chicken) is traditionally made from a whole chicken marinated in lemon and onion, and basted with saffron and butter

Joojeh Soltani Skewer of Joojeh & skewer of Koobideh. $24.00 Bakhtiari Kabob Skewer of Barg & skewer of Joojeh. $34.00 Shah Kabob Three pieces of Shishlik & skewer of Koobideh. $35.00 Darya Special Skewers of Salmon, Prawns and vegetables served with two green salads. $47.00. Add the sliced onions, saffron, salt, black pepper and lemon juice to the chicken and toss until the chicken pieces are uniformly coated with saffron and yellow. Add the olive oil to the dish and stir to combine. Cover the dish with plastic wrap and refrigerate 24-48 hours. Leave the marinated chicken out at room temperature for about 45. Soltani. Skewer of Barg & skewer of Koobideh $ 31. Joojeh Soltani. Skewer of Joojeh & skewer of Koobideh $ 24. Bakhtiari Kabob. Skewer of Barg & skewer of Joojeh $ 34. Shah Kabob. Three pieces of Shishlik & skewer of Koobideh $ 35. Darya Special. For Two | Skewers of Salmon, Prawns and vegetables served with two green salads $ 47. Lavash Specia The thing to get at Hatam are the kebabs. I like the joojeh soltani, which comes with one long skewer of koobideh (juicy beef kebab) and another of joojeh (saffron-imbued charred chicken) served.

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Joojeh Soltani Lunch. Combination of 1 skewer of chicken breast or thigh and 1 skewer of ground beef. $15.95 Chicken Soltani. Combination of 1 skewer of chicken breast or thigh and 1 skewer of ground chicken. $15.95 Categories. FYI, this restaurant is not accepting orders right now JOOJEH SOLTANI a skewer of Persian marinated chicken with a skewer of charbroiled ground sirloin SHISH KABOB a skewer of grilled Persian spiced steak, with bell peppers and onions, grilled over an open flame CHICKEN SHISH KABOB a skewer of Persian marinated chicken kabob, wit

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Amoo's House of Kabob. (877) 585-1085. We make ordering easy. Menu. Appetizers. Kashk-e-Bademjan with Bread $8.00. Sauteed Eggplant dip, topped with marinated onions and Persian Herbs. Olivieh Salad $7.00. Persian style potato salad mixed with braised shredded chicken, green peas, and pickled cucumbers Joojeh Soltani. Skewer of joojeh and skewer of koobideh. $27.00. Bakhtiari Kabob. Skewer of barg and skewer of joojeh. $37.00. Shah Kabob. Three pieces of shishlik and skewer of koobideh. $38.00. Darya Special. For two' skewers of salmon, prawns and vegetables served with two green salads. $49.00 Joojeh Kabob (bone in) Tender, young, marinated chicken breast cubed and charbroiled on a skewer. Soltani Barg A skewer of kabob Barg and a skewer of kabob Koobideh for the bigger appetites. Soltani Joojeh A skewer of Koobideh and a skewer of Joojeh kabob. Bone in or boneless, your choice. Soltani Deluxe.

Soltani with Chicken (Joojeh) $20.00 Soltani with Lamb Shishleek $25.00 Soltani with Prime Sirloin (Barg) $25.00 Soltani with Cornish Game Hen $21.00 Soltani with Lamb Special $25.00 Soltani with Chenjeh. Restaurant menu, map for Bijan Persian & Mediterranean located in 94539, Fremont CA, 39935 Mission Blvd Kashk-e Bademjam. Seasoned roasted eggplant, garnished with sun-dried yogurt sauteed onion, roasted garlic, mint flakes and saffron. $11.00. Adas Polo. Basmati rice mixed with lentil sautéed pitted dates, raisins, onions, orange peel zest, and cinnamon served with saffron chicken (available in vegetarian with a skewer of vegetable). $24.00

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Get delivery or takeout from Amoo's Restaurant at 6271 Old Dominion Drive in McLean. Order online and track your order live. No delivery fee on your first order Akbar Joojeh is a dish prepared with chicken meat, and its unique taste comes from pomegranate sauce, butter, and its cooking method. This meal is fried chicken served with saffron rice and pomegranate sauce. Soltani Kabob. Related Posts. Persian Biryani Recipe - isfahani biryani recipe.

Joojeh kabab is a classic chicken kebob recipe from Iran. Chicken pieces are smothered in a delicious saffron chicken kebob marinade and have such delicious flavor thanks to saffron and lemon Soltani Kabob Recipe by Epersian food. Soltani Kabob Recipe Video Soltani Kabob (Persian Kebab) Kebab is one of the most popular cuisines in Iran, which is usually served at ceremonies like weddings and family gatherings. Kebab is a Caucasian dish, and Naser al-Din Shah Qajar brought it to Iran for the first time and gave its Persian spirit to it

Kabob Soltani کباب سلطانی. Price: $ 31.99. A combination skewer of Barg and one skewer of kabob Koobeedeh. Chicken Barg جوجه برگ. Price: $ 18.00. Joojeh with Bone./ A skewer of thin slice of skinless chicken breast marinated and elegantly cooked to satisfy your taste/Cornish game hen Today we can enjoy Persian cuisine dishes with names such as chelow kabab (barg, koobideh, joojeh, shishleek, soltani, chenjeh), khoresht, aash, kookoo (meat and/or vegetable pies), polow ( white rice with meat and vegetables) and many others. The exotic dishes that represent Iran are also quite simple to make Joojeh Kabob (Full Cornish Hen) Soltani Combination; Chicken Barg Kabob; Ghormeh Sabzi; Lamb Chops; Lamb Shank; Soups, Salads and much more! Don't forget to wash down your meal with a selection from our vast array of drinks, including cognac, whiskey, bourbon, vodka, rum, tequila, wines, champagne, and a wide choice of popular beers

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It includes a wide variety of foods ranging from Chelo kebab (Barg, Koubideh Joojeh, Shishleek, Soltani, Chenjeh), Khoresht (stew that is served with basmati saffron rice: Ghormeh sabzi, Gheimeh and others), Aash (a thick soup: as a example Ash-e anar) Polo (white rice alone or with addition of meat and/or vegetables and herbs, including. Try any of the great kebab platters (koubideh; joojeh; lamb chops; Bareh, Dandeh and Soltani), the funk aged garlic and five-year-old relish (torshi), or refreshing faloodeh shirazi Persian ice. Posted Tue, Oct 24, 2017 at 4:54 pm ET. HATBORO-HORSHAM, PA — Craig LaBan, the well-known food critic for the Philadelphia Inquirer, recently paid a visit to Montgomery County, where he tried. Soltani. Combination of Barg & Beef Koobideh Joojeh. Boneless Chicken Breast $ 18 $ 24 Cornish Hen with Bones $ 24 $ 28 Salmon Shish Kabob. Grilled with Bell peppers, Onions $ 28 $ 36 Shishlik. Lamb Chops.

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Instructions. Cut chicken into 2-inch cubes. Place chicken in a large shallow container and mix in onions, half the saffron water, yogurt, olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper. Coat all pieces of chicken completely with marinade. Cover and marinate at least 6 hours and up to 2 days in the refrigerator Joojeh Kabob one skewer of chicken Soltani combination of one skewer of fillet mignon and one skewer of ground beef. 23.95. Lamb Chop skewer of lamb chop, with choice of rice or any of our salads and vegetables. 19.95. Prawn Kabob skewer of tiger jumbo marinated prawns with onions, and bell papers charbroiled CHICKEN SOLTANI. $17.99. One skewer of Chicken Koobideh and one skewer of Chicken Barg. KOOBEDEH MORGH. $15.99. 2 Skewers of Joojeh Kabob, 2 skewers of beef Koobedeh, 2 skewers of chicken Koobedeh, shawarma combo, 1 skewer of Chenjeh(Beef Kabob), 2 skewers of Shrimp Kabob, Gormeh Sabzi, & Koresht Bodemjan) Comes with 4 sides of rice, fries. chicken soltani: combination of joojeh kebob & chicken koobideh (ground chicken) $26.99. khoresh budemjan: lamb shank in tomato saffron sauce with eggplant. $37.99. cornish hen with jeweled rice

Chicken Soltani $14.99. Joojeh Soltani $15.99. Lamb Soltani $16.99. Poultry & Fish‎. Our menu includes a variety of local and Arabic dishes in addition to a selection of famous Persian and Indian cuisines. It represents the different communities living in Dubai who have been sharing throughout the history of old commercial and cultural relationships. Middle Eastern cuisines use blends of fresh herbs & subtle aromatic spices. Joojeh kebab is known for moist and flavourful chicken pieces, coloured a bright saffron orange with charred grill marks. Unfortunately, the chicken was dry and with none of the characteristic. Reservation: ( 02 ) 8958 6378 - 0425 776 361. Address: Sydney, Australia 14 / 1380 -1388 Pacific Hwy, Turramurra NSW 207 Joojeh Kebab (With Bread) £ 10.00. Chelo Kebab Momtaz £ 14.00. Chelo Kebab Soltani £ 15.00. Chelo Kebab Makhsoos £ 15.00. Chelo Kebab Ghafghazi £ 13.00. Bibigol Restaurant (kebab) Undoubtedly, chelokbab is one of the most famous Iranian dishes and many people in the world know Iranian cuisine and food with chelokbab

Minoo Catering. All appetizers charcoal grilled kebabs desserts & frozen finger food & drinks the menu main dishes salads sandwiches stews Joojeh Soltani Kabob Combination of one skewer of chicken breast or thigh and one skewer of ground beef. $16.9 Combination of Prime Lamb Chunks & Boneless chunks of Chicken tenders. (8) Lamb & Joojeh Kabob. $26.99. Combination of Prime Lamb Chunks & Chicken with Bone (Cornish Hen) (9) Rose Soltani. $28.49. Combination of Filet Mignon (Barg) & Kabob Kubideh (Ground Beef) (10) Barg & Chicken Combo. $29.49

Rose Special 1 Combo $26.99. Combination of kubideh (ground beef), boneless chicken tenders and chunks of prime lamb. #11-A. Barg & Joojeh Combo $24.99. Combination of filet mignon (barg) and cornish hen (chicken with bone). Poultry and Fish. Entrees served with a choice of rice, salad or fresh baked pita bread Joojeh Kabab. Kabab Barg: Barg is in fact barbecued lamb, beef kebab dish. The main ingredients of Kabab-e Barg are fillets of beef tenderloin, lamb shank, onions, safron, olive oil and. Kabab Barg. Kabab soltani Combination of kabab koobideh and kabab barg Soltani with Chicken (Joojeh) One skewer of koobideh plus one skewer of any of the following. $17.99. Soltani with Lamb. One skewer of koobideh plus one skewer of any of the following. $21.99. Soltani with Beef Tenderloin (Barg) One skewer of koobideh plus one skewer of any of the following Joojeh Kebab Soltani [£15.50] A literal MOUNTAIN of rice served alongside boneless chicken pieces (joojeh kebab) and a skewer of minced lamb (koobideh), with a fat chargrilled tomato on the side. Clearly, Tandis does not skimp on portion size over here. The joojeh kebab, as succulent as it was, the saffron was very prominent and needed some. And while the joojeh kabab and the dizi might bring home flavors to those from Iran, the restaurant owner hopes it will appeal to people of all backgrounds, said Ramin Soltani

Chelow Joojeh Kabab Ba Ostokhan. 55.00 د.إ. With Bone - All dishes are served with our daily soup, Mast-o-khiar (yogurt with cucumber), Salad Shirazi (Iranian salad), Sabzi [ One skewer of koobideh and one skewer of joojeh. $22.50. Soltani Kabob (2 pcs) A meal fit for a king. One skewer of koobideh and one skewer of barg. $25.00. Mahi Kabob. Saffron and lemon, marinated in fresh Atlantic salmon, flame kissed and finished in the oven. Please allow 15 to 20 minutes to prepare Chelow Joojeh Barg $42. Chelow Chenjeh Loghmeh $42. Shishlik $40. Plain Rice $6. MAIN COURSE - STEW. Baghali Polo ba Mahicheh $32. Chelow khoresht e Ghormeh Sabzi $28. Chelow Khoresht e Gheymeh Bademjan $25. Zereshk Polo ba Morgh $29

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  2. A skewer of fresh vegetables (bell peppers, onions, zucchini, tomatoes, mushrooms and eggplants), barbecued over our charcoal grill and served with Addas polo. Vegetarian. Combination Plates. 21.95. A combination of Humos, Kashk-o Bademjan and Falafel served with saffron rice and salad. Vegetarian Gheymeh. 15.95
  3. Get menu, photos and location information for Lavash in San FranciscoCA. Or book now at one of our other 11451 great restaurants in San Francisco
  4. Served with rice or french fries. Chicken Cacciatore. Chicken breast sauteed with white wine and marinara sauce. Served with basmati rice. Pasta Primavera. Diced fresh vegetables, steamed and served over spaghetti with our own white sauce. Extra Chicken $3. Spaghetti With Meat Sauce. Or marinara sauce
  5. ced lamb breast. Siniyeh Kabab (For 2) a skewer of cubes of lamb tenderloin fillet, two skewers of
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See the full menu for Ruby Cafe on 3308 W Kennedy Blvd, with pricing and item description Soltani Barg. A skewer of kabob Barg and a skewer ofkabob Koobideh for the bigger appetites. Soltani Dellu:e. Two skewers of kabob Barg and Joojeh. ($2 extrafor2 Barg') Soltani Joojeh. A skewer of Koobideh and a skewer of Joojeh kabob, bone in or boneless. Your choice. Persian Stewns (Served with white basmati rice) Khoreshe Badenjo Previously known for 34yrs as Greek foodery Shipfeifer, Sufi's is plating Persian with wraps like open-flame-cooked beef, plus kabob-ery including baby spring lamb tenderloin, the Soltani (filet.

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Soltani. Grills. One skewer of barg (lamb fillet) and one skewer of koobideh (mince lamb kebab) Darbaari. Grills. One skewer of barg (lamb fillet) and one skewer of Joojeh (chicken kebab) £15.00. Makhsoos. Grills. Combination of Barg, Joojeh and Koobideh. One skewer of each. £20.00. Gheymeh. Stews. lamb stew with split peas and dried lime. Noosh serves authentic Persian cuisine using only fresh, healthy ingredients, and we never use additives, tenderizers or processed foods. Chefs Nooshin and Saeid prepare all meals with an unmatched attention to detail, and the love and passion that makes each dining experience very special, just as if it were prepared for family Chicken Soltani جوجه سلطانی. Ask about this product. Category: Kabobs. Price: $ 24.99. A combination skewer of joojeh kabob and one skewer of kabob koobeedeh. Ask about this product. Name * Email * Subject * Message * Send me a copy? Verification * Send Close form

A joojeh kabab meal in Top kabab includes: peaces of chicken breast for joojeh 0.2 lbs. 1 plate of chelo (iranian rice) 0.2 lbs Soltani kabab is a delicious mix in persian kebabs in iran and between persians. It includes chelo (persian style rice) and roasted tomato and sumac in a regular soltani meal Spicy Joojeh Kebab حلال (Same as above with a spicy cumin scented sauce) Maykadeh Soltani حلال.

Our most popular menu. Soltani Kabab Kabab $28. Kabab Torsh $22. Koobideh Kabab $16. Joojeh Kabab $16. Barg Kabab $22. Vaziri Kabab $21. Platter 1: Two Koobideh, Two Joojeh, Rice $44. Platter 2: Two Koobideh, One Joojeh , One Barg, Rice $49 Chicken Soltani * 22.50 Combination of one skewer of saffron flavored ground chicken plus one skewer of strips of marinated boneless chicken breast. Joojeh King * 23.50 Marinated Cornish chicken, deep fried to become crisp edged and juicy. Morgh-O-Polo 19.9 chicken soltani: combination of joojeh & chicken koobideh (ground chicken) $26.99 *basil special. combination of joojeh & barg. $32.99 *khoresh budemjan. lamb shank in tomato safron sauce with eggplant. $37.99 *cornish hen Soltani A Royal combination of kabab Barg and kabab Koobideh. Served with saffron basmati rice, roasted tomato, and one piece of pita bread. $32.50 Joojeh-Bareh $41.95 Joojeh-Barg $40.50 Joojeh-Shish Kabob $35.95 Shish Kabab-Koobideh $30.95 Bareh-Koobideh $33.95 Barg-Joojeh-Koobideh (For 2). Soltani plus chicken kabob. Super Soltani $50. A giant super-sized (20 inches filet) combination of Barg & chicken. Family Soltani $90. Two skewers of koobideh, one Barg, one chicken, and one beef shish kabob, plus Joojeh (cornish hen) with rice. Mixed rice (add $6) (serves 5 and soup or salad included) Stew Trio $2

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SOLTANI . One skewer of koobideh plus one skewer of any of the following. with Chicken (Joojeh) $20.00. with Lamb Shishleek. $25.00. with Prime Sirloin (Barg) $25.00. with Cornish Game Hen. $21.00. With Lamb Special. $25.00. With chenjeh. $25.00. Rumi Special Padiran Persian Food Restaurant is the first Iranian Restaurant in Patong Beach, Phuket. We are all imported original herbal ingredients from Iran country because of serving your tastefulness. We are located in Soi La Diva, Rat U Thit 200 Pee Rd., opposite SleepWithMe Hotel. The Restaurant is closed to Bangla Road and Jungceylon Shopping Center For the mains, we ordered the Joojeh Kabob, Soltani Kabob, Lamb Shank, Soup and I got the Rumi's Wings. Appetizer Platter ($27) - This consisted of 6 dips, Dolmeh and bread. The dips they brought out were Hummus, Fried Eggplant (Kashk Badenjoon), Smoked Eggplant (Mirza Ghasemi), Shirazi Salad, Yogurt Trio and Mast Khiyar (yogurt with diced.

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Boneless Joojeh- Kabab (Two Skewers) $17.99. Kabab Bareh Soltani (Two Skewers) $21.99. fresh lamb, centered with green peppers and onions, marinated with herbs and a skewer of seasoned prime ground beef or lamb open-flame charcoal-grilled. Kabab Chenjeh (Two Skewers) $22.99. Served with your choice of Mahi (fish), Soltani Kebab (filet mignon), Chicken Kebab Barg, Kebab Koobideh, Joojeh Kebab, Vegetarian Specialty and Fessenjoon. Served with herb rice (Sabzi Polo or Zereshk Polo) and choice of soup jow or salad Soltani Kabob skewers of barg & koobideh kabob (see above) with chargrilled vegetables 38. Lamb Kabob tender sirloin of leg of lamb, cubed & skewered with grilled seasonal vegetables, drizzled with homemade yogurt 40. Mixed Grill Kabob a mix of marinated barg, joojeh, lamb & koobideh kabob (see above) with chargrilled vegetables 43. Sheeshleek CORNISH GAME HEN (JOOJEH KABOB) Marinated Charbroiled Chunks of Homestyle Cornish Game Hen CHICKEN BARG A Thick Strip of Juicy Charbroiled Chicken Tenderloin CHICKEN SOLTANI (COMBINATION OF CHICKEN & BEEF) Chicken Tenderloin and a strip of Charbroiled Ground Filet Lamb LAMB SHANK A Whole Baby Spring Lamb Shank, simmered in Fresh Tomato BAGHALA POL

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SOLTANI (for the King) BEEF 23 / CHICKEN 18 . A combination of Barg and Koobideh entrées. JOOJEH KABOB (with bone) 15. Cornish hen delicately marinated in olive oil, saffron and lemon juice. CHICKEN THIGH KABOB 14. Chicken thigh delicately marinated in olive oil, saffron and lemon juice Shalizaar Restaurant 300 El Camino Real. Belmont, CA 94002 Phone: (650) 596-9000. Hours: 7 Days a Week 11:00AM-9:00P Super Kebab $13. Chicken, Lamb & Felafel Kebab with Salad. (Large Dish $16) SPECIAL KEBABS. Soltani $27. A Combination of Barg & Koobideh. (With Saffron Rice) Shish Kebab $30. Combination of Barg & Joojeh Kebab

The kabab barg and joojeh kabob were marinated similarly: onions, garlic, yogurt, saffron, salt and pepper. The filet is cut thin, about half-inch thick while the chicken is a big chunkier, about 2 inch chunks. No skinny sticks for these kebabs JOOJEH WRAP chicken $ 15.00 BARG WRAP striploin $ 15.50 DOUBLE KOOBIDEH WRAP ground beef $ 15.50 CHEF COMBO WRAP chicken and ground beef $ 17.50 SOLTANI WRAP striploin and ground beef $ 17.50 KHORESHT (hor-rosht) Slow cooked to ensure maximum flavor, our meal portions are served with saffron rice. SIDE MEA Joojeh مرغک literally means little bird, or baby chicken depending on the context. Joojeh also refers to another one of my favourite dishes, which are grilled chicken skewers or joojeh kebob. Filed under Food Blog and tagged chicken kebob , chicken skewers , joojeh , kebob skewers , middle eastern cooking , persian couisine , persian food. 43. Zereshk Polo. 10.50€. About. PUNTOiCOMA. The name of PUNTO i COMA comes from the project (semicolon); which means not giving up, but continuing until the end. Fighting and moving forward rather than stopping and giving up. This name is one of the symbols of the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) Joojeh Kabob (2 skewers) - Our chicken kabob marinated in saffron, lemon and subtle spices (1 leg, 1 breast). Choice of 1 Stew: Bademjoon - Eggplant, garlic, and tomato-based stew with slow cooked beef; Fesenjoon - A rich stew of chicken, butternut squash, pomegranate molasses and ground walnut. Toasty, sweet and lightly sour

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EN - A skewer of kabab koobideh and one of joojeh kabab, grilled tomato, served with saffron basmati rice. 450 Kč: Královský kabab Soltání/Kabab Soltani. CZ - Rožeň kabáb kúbide a rožeň kabáb barg, grilované rajče, podáváno se šafránovou basmati rýž Mildy seasoned. 14.95 Mixed Kebobs Tenderloin, ground beef and chicken breast with grilled tomato & onion & sumac. 16.95 add 3.00 for Lamb. For Our Vegetarians: Vegetarian Kebob Grilled portobello, onion, tomato and green peppers with hummus, yogurt cilantro and mixed greens and rice. 15.95 Yazdi Vegetarian Broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, green. Arsalan Soltani | Iran | HR Specialist at Snapp | 500+ connections | See Arsalan's complete profile on Linkedin and connec Chelow kabab (Persian: چلوکباب ‎ čelow-kabāb [tʃelowkæˈbɒːb]) is an Iranian dish consisting of steamed rice (čelow) and one of the many varieties of Iranian kebab. It is considered the national dish of Iran, and was probably created by the time of the Qajar dynasty.Chelow kabab is served with accompaniments such as butter, sumac powder, basil, onions, and grilled tomatoes

Jan 26, 2020 - Persian grilled items such as Koobideh, Joojeh, Soltani, Barg and Chenjeh, in addition to a variety of other Persian dishes SHIRAZI. chopped Persian cucumber, tomato, onion and mint with red wine vinegar dressing. $ 5. GARDEN SALAD. romaine lettuce, cucumber, tomato, onion, olives and feta cheese with Yekta dressing. $ 7. FATTOUSH. mixed greens, cucumber, cherry tomato, onion and pita chips with sumac pomegranate dressing. $ 8 Get menu, photos and location information for Lavash in San FranciscoCA. Or book now at one of our other 11440 great restaurants in San Francisco